Cheers, Here’s to 2014!

This blog has been a long time coming. For months and months I have contemplated re-visiting what first was considered an assignment for my class that I created in the summer of 2013. I lacked the time and the effort to actually dive into writing consistent posts.

However, I knew that come 2014 I would have a lot to say and likely no one who would want to listen but that’s alright with me! I’ve always loved to write and because I’m about one year into my MBA I knew that this online haven would be a great place to record my thoughts specifically on fitness and fashion. So now, I put my fingers to the keys.

Well a little bit about me, if you care 🙂

I am a mother to be (his arrival is set for March 1), I married to the most amazing person I could ever imagine being married to, my best friend. I have a full time job that I absolutely love, I have been a cheerleading coach for the past 5 years but this will be my last year coaching. On the side I am also a Team Beachbody coach, I work for free to help people lose weight, get in shape and generally just feel better about themselves. I am as real here as I am in person so if you contact me about your own health and fitness I will make my best effort to gain your trust and confidence. At the end of the day if I know I helped just one person whether it be from my words, inspirational or motivating posts, or in person I can sleep at night…..and dream of unicorns and butterflies.

–Carpe the hell out of your Diem
*~ Laci Jane ~*