12 Weeks Pregnant

So during the first 12 weeks, not a lot happened. It literally felt like time was DRAGGING on until the 8 week appointment when we were able to see our little JuneBug for the first time. –Side note here if you’re wondering how we came up with the nickname do some backward math from a due date of March 1 😉 —

Weeks 5-7 were tough only because I was really really tired but nothing I couldn’t handle. Basically instead of being wide awake and ready to take on the world at 9pm I was shutting down and passing out.

The 12 week appointment was really our confirmation that we felt we could make it, that we had a healthy enough baby to feel comfortable announcing it to the world. Well I guess that just means making it Facebook official! So that is what we did.

At 12 weeks:

  • I felt great
  • Had not experienced any nausea
  • Was working out regularly and still very hard
  • Allowing myself to get more sleep
  • Maintaining my normal diet
  • I did get sick with a cold and had to be put on an antibiotic, wasn’t thrilled about that AT ALL

Carpe the Hell out of your Diem— Laci Jane


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