Can You Have Style While Pregnant? Absolutely!

From the moment I saw the little plus signs on my pee stick, I knew I was going to be in for a totally different world. It didn’t take me long to put everything together… I was going to get fat!!! Okay, okay, that isn’t the best word to use, because we all know creating a little miracle inside the human body should not be associated with the word “fat”. However I was definitely going to gain weight and sport a nice, round belllay!! It should be no surprise at this point (if you’ve been reading my blog) that I went into pregnancy with the goal of staying in shape and gaining only weight that would deem my pregnancy healthy. This means that I didn’t plan on gaining a lot of weight.

I can’t be sure, but I may have had nightmares about mumus and maternity clothing. However, after some research I saw that there are some super cute maternity outfits. My only problem with the whole concept was that I would have maternity clothes that I may or may not ever wear again. 
So I started to plot my strategy. If I could get by with wearing current fashions in a size larger then maybe I could avoid it? I will detail below:
  • Loose, flowy tops have been all the rage lately and once I got my bump I started going up a size. Even now, at 35 weeks, most of those tops still fit and I didn’t have to go the maternity route. 
  • I also have kept wearing my small and extra small cardigans, sweaters, vests, and business jackets over top of the flowy tops so that it brings me in on the sides a little bit. 
  • I’ve carried high for my entire pregnancy and because of my shape I’ve always worn my jeans really low. So yes, (I know you hate me right now) I am still wearing my size 3s during pregnancy. Just in the last week I’ve had to use the hair tie trick on a couple pairs, but most of them still button and fit comfortably. I do unbutton them if I will be sitting for a long time. This can’t possibly last much longer because he should be dropping soon but I will just find an alternative at this point… I mean it’s winter which brings me to my next bullet.
  • Leggings!! The best part about being pregnant in the winter is that you can wear leggings/tights and boots and come up with so many outfits in varying colors. My dress pants quit fitting a long time ago probably long about 22-23 weeks, so leggings have become my dressy outfits at work. I’ve also been fortunate to have a boss who understands and lets me wear jeans if I’m not meeting with anyone that day (saving me a ton of money… who wants to buy maternity dress pants??)
  • I also had a closet full of longer, tunic tops that have really served me well. I don’t care if my tops are tight at this point! I’m rocking my first child in this tight little top paired with leggings. I’ve come up with some very stylish ways to show off my bump using these long tops. 
  • Another essential to most of my outfits throughout this pregnancy has been long camis! You know you have some! We use them to cover our butt cracks when we wear low rise jeans, we use them to extend the look of a shorter top, we wear them with our leggings so that are ass has something to hide behind. Well ladies use them to your advantage during pregnancy because the likelihood you will use them again is very high.
  • Heels aren’t something that most women are going to wear during pregnancy but my Dr. insisted that because I wore them so much before I was pregnant (as long as I was comfortable) I should continue to do so during pregnancy. Basically, whatever you’re used to, don’t change it now. I still wear my heels because I’ve not had any swelling and I’m more comfortable in them than anything else. 
I haven’t taken pictures of a lot of my outfits during pregnancy because I didn’t think about it! I will try and do better so you have an idea of what I am wearing in  my last few weeks and maybe you will be inspired? But then again, maybe you wont! 
I literally didn’t even feel pregnant in the outfit to the left. I got the white jacket at Kohls for $8.00, the white top underneath is a medium and I got it at Target on sale, and (look closely) there’s a long white cami underneath. Jeans I got at Gordmans over the summer and I have red heels on. My necklace is fake Chanel with fake pearls. This was taken at 31 weeks pregnant.

HAPPY NEW YEARS (33 weeks pregnant)! Enter my outfit for New Years Eve with my husband. Over the summer I almost sold this little gem of a sweater dress, thankfully I didn’t because it was perfect for a night out. I’ve had it for years. Wore my hair up or it would have gotten knotted in the turtleneck which my husband liked because I always wear it down. I had on HUGE earrings that were really sparkly and they matched the big sparkly belt I had on. If you’ve ventured to my fashion page you will see I wear belts a lot! I also had on thigh highs with my tall black boots over the top of a thinner black tight. I felt amazing in this. 

The outfit on the left was thrown together for pure comfort at 33 weeks pregnant, I’ve probably worn this 2-3 times since this picture haha. The top is a medium I picked up at Kohls, long black cami, black tights, Gordmans boots, black boot socks, and looky there another BELT!You can’t see my earrings dammit but they match the boots and belt and are super cute. I threw a black long cardigan over this when I left because I was picking up my new car that day and it was something like -20?? We got a snowstorm this weekend so I needed the extra layer. 

MORAL OF THE STORY….Don’t settle on maternity clothing, if you are fortunate enough to avoid them, just think out of the box and get creative! It will make you feel better and save you a lot of money. If you’re excited about getting some maternity clothes then by all means girl, GO BUY SOME :).

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Laci Jane