Announcement Time! JuneBug’s ETA is 3-1-14

I’m PREGNANT! ……..In all actuality it didn’t go quite like that we only told a select group of people we were pregnant and waited to announce it to the world.We found out we were pregnant just 2 days upon returning from a trip to Las Vegas. That’s right, mom of the year award right here! Let’s go to Vegas and get shitfaced while pregnant. I didn’t know!!! I swear. I know, I know, I’m not the only mom out there who’s made THAT mistake.

My husband likes to highlight this fun little vacation by recalling the walk back from the MGM Grand pool where we had spent several hours in the sun drinking beer. I don’t remember the walk back but apparently the comments I made to people headed out to the pool were enough to really piss someone off and get my ass kicked. Thanks huni, I love you for taking care of me and not letting that happen (especially in such a delicate state ;).

Anyways, I peed on three sticks which all proved that I was indeed pregnant. The first people we told were my parents. After waiting on my 37 year old sister all these years they were starting to think neither one of us had it in us to actually produce a grandchild, but lo and behold they would be first time grandparents.
Below is a video of how that went down 🙂


Announcing the great news to my husband’s parents turned out to be a giant flop. While looking through my Vegas photos on my phone she came across my pee sticks…. hehe oops! You’re gonna be a grandma, again. After 7 grandkids they’re pros, what’s another one going to matter at this point right? It didn’t go exactly like we wanted it to but they were happy for us nonetheless.


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