Pregnancy Progress- 2nd Trimester

Once we hit the 12 week mark and we were able to share the great news with everyone life seemed to sort of speed up. My cheerleading squad was cheering in full force in August and we had so many things to think about and plan for! By 17 weeks I still didn’t feel pregnant, didn’t look pregnant but my belly button was really squishy and I was going absolutely CRAZY with sour candy. At first it was Sour Patch Kids watermelon flavor and from there it just exploded. My main love after that first round with Sour Patch was Sour Punch Straws and Bites, of course watermelon flavored, sweet tarts, and neon gummy worms. I also went through a stage where I didn’t have much of an appetite, like I couldn’t really get myself to eat anything. My mind was blown when I first felt him kick. Everyone had told me it will be like a gentle little flutter. OH NO, not this guy. I got 3 swift and very definitive kicks. Confused I called a friend of mine and was like, “theres no way that was just gas right?” Being that I’m not an ooey gooey mom type I really didn’t expect to feel this way from 3 little kicks. Well, let me be the first to say I found a whole new love and appreciation for the miracle that God allows women to help him with.

First trimester I had no weight gain, GREAT!!! AMEN.

My husband and I took a vacation about a week later and what to our wondering eyes would appear but a bump!!! He literally came in overnight I swear. Like suddenly he had decided to pack his bags and make a home out my belly.

We spent some time at Lake of the Ozarks, went canoeing, and hiked HaHa Tonka State Park. I felt wonderful!

Fast forward to 20 weeks, we found out our baby JuneBug was going to be a boy! This was something that I had really hoped for. After first saying I never really wanted children, my next hope was that if I did it would be a boy! Sooooo we tried for a boy! You know those old wives tales about how you can predict the sex of your baby? Well I don’t know if any of them actually work or not but we tried them and we got a boy. Never in my life did I imagine myself in the tiny, little, dark sonography room sobbing, but there I was all tipped back in the chair looking at my tiny little babies man parts! He looked so happy and content just sucking away on his thumb, it was beautiful. I was overcome with love and most of all blessed that we had a healthy little baby boy. My husband wasn’t nearly as partial he would have been happy with a little boy or a little girl. He may not have been quite as happy once he realized what his wife would spend on a little girl, so I am certain his bank account is thanking him for giving me a little boy 😉 . Can we say sparkles, tutus, and the cutest outfits imaginable! I would have been a spending fool with a little girl.

By the end of the second trimester I was really please with my progress on weight gain. During the first trimester I hadn’t gained a pound. The second trimester gave me 3 lbs which I felt was wonderful. I was doing my best to eat right and kept exercising.

Everyone kept (and keeps) telling me to “just wait” on pretty much every experience during pregnancy. Well second trimester I was never ravenous or extra hungry. I was still eating meals like I normally would. Maybe a couple extra cheat meals here and there but nothing out of the ordinary.

At 24 weeks I still didn’t feel like I was actually sporting a real bump. I still felt like I had a bloated belly or a beer gut haha. It really took me awhile to get used to my body. For years I’ve had a flat stomach with a 6-pack so while most women would smile and be excited about a bump I was being challenged with this beautiful little bump. I loved feeling my little JuneBug squirming and playing inside me but it really was pretty tough on me. I think back to some of those moments now and it makes me laugh. But hey I’m being honest with you all here!

The sour cravings didn’t last too long, thank goodness. My baby didn’t need all that sugar. Another thing I started to notice was his activity after I would drink my Shakeology at night. He really seemed to enjoy it…. either that or he hates it but HEY, I’m going with him loving it.

2 trimesters in the bag, 1 to go!

Carpe the Hell out of your Diem–
Laci Jane


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