Pregnancy Progress- Weeks 27-32

Well, time flies when you’re having fun and then you get hit with all the holidays! Whew I’m not really sure where the last few weeks went but they have flown by. By 24 weeks I had really blossomed, somebody was growing! I don’t know what came over me but during the fall I had decided that I would redo our kitchen. So in early December I started that process. I completely repainted our cabinets white. I was fully in the nesting mode. In November I had redone my bathroom. Why wasn’t I working on the babies room you ask?? Well let me get to that crazy saga later on another post. If you come across this post early on in my blogging career. I probably won’t have my Pinterest projects posted yet but eventually I will have a direct link to them.

I was knee deep in a very cluttered house and drowning in paint, low or no VOC of course! The holidays came and went. My birthday came and went. It was now 2014 and I was just a few weeks away from my due date!
I was 32 weeks on January 4 and I felt amazing. Not only had I still not gained much weight but I was still working out very regularly and not feeling a whole lot different. I also bought a new car, a small SUV. My husband jokes it could fit in his pocket (he doesn’t like it, but I don’t care what he thinks lol). I call it my little bat mobile because that is what it looks like and my son needs to ride in style HELLO! So this catches me up. My next post will be at 36 weeks and we will be on the final stretch.
I always welcome you to email me about my progress or ask any questions about workouts. I tracked every workout I’ve done for the length of my pregnancy. I owe so much to staying in shape to Beachbody’s programs.

Carpe the Hell out of our Your Diem—-

Laci Jane


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