Staying Active During Pregnancy- 1st and 2nd Trimester

I knew whenever I found out I was pregnant, stopping my workouts was just simply not going to be an option.
So, after getting an all clear from my Dr. I continued on with my workouts throughout pregnancy. At the end of July/Beginning of August I started T25, an 8 week program created by Sean T, the same fitness instructor who was the brainchild behind Insanity. I can’t recall the exact start date without consulting my workout journal but I know it was around then. The workouts are similar to Insanity but less stressful on the joints and ONLY 25 minutes.

By September 16, 2013 I had completed the program, here are my before and after photos. I was 17 weeks pregnant in September, not bad ehh? I would like to give credit for those abs to no one OTHER than myself. I worked very hard. I will also say that I kept at lifting weights and using some other Beachbody programs to mix it up a little and add on to my workouts to make them longer. Some days, 25 minutes is just not long enough.

Here is a You Tube Clip of Beachbody’s Les Mills Pump workout, one of the squat tracks. 

After finishing the first round of T25 I wanted to start it over, so I did. This time, however, I didn’t do the program as faithfully because I started getting bored and wanted more variety in my workouts. I stayed with the fight! And unfortunately 17 weeks was the last time I saw those beloved abs of mine 🙂 


By the end of my 2nd Trimester I will be honest and say that some moves were getting harder just because I couldn’t move like I used to be able to. Engaging your core becomes quite difficult when you have a tiny human inside you! For years I had taught myself to engage and use my core in everything I did throughout the day. I had to sort of re-learn how to use my body, a very strange feeling. Here is a workout from week 26, the last week of the 2nd trimester.


Carpe the Hell out of your Diem—
Laci Jane

  1. Kylie
    Kylie says:

    I enjoy reading your blog; you remind me a lot of myself! I lift weights four days a week at a gym. I don’t yet have children but would love if you would write something up for us pre-children ladies! Would you recommend a certain workout, or specidic core strengthening exercises preconception? Any thing we can do before hand to prevent diastasis recti? We plan to start trying this summer but I selfishly fear loosing my body, that I have worked so hard for. Although I know my priorities will change a lot after baby.. You have been a great role model.
    Keep being awesome!!

    • fitnessfashionista0101
      fitnessfashionista0101 says:

      Hi Kylie, I totally understand what you mean. My first pregnancy I really struggled with my body because I had NEVER been that big (belly big).

      Preventing diastasis recti is almost impossible. Your stomach MUST expand and separate because your uterus is growing. There are things you can do to stay on track and keep your core strong WHILE pregnant along with being armed with tools to ensure your recovery is on track. I would love to chat with you more about you core, make sure you are working the right areas. sometimes we think we are but we aren’t! Please message me on my FB page.


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