Staying Active During Pregnancy – Weeks 27-35

Somehow when I knew I was into the third trimester I thought, well it’s just going to get harder from here. Typically I don’t think this way because like I’ve said in my previous posts I had basically set out to prove others wrong about pregnancy. To do it for myself and my baby and no one else. Well I was wrong and I am glad that I am. I’ve had plenty of energy and my workouts are still a blast. The only thing that is really different is his position. If he is in an awkward spot it can make the workout a little more difficult but nothing I can’t push through.

Les Mills Combat workout with weights at 28 weeks pregnant


Getting Insane with some Insanity at 33 weeks pregnant! This was a GREAT workout, I had a really high heart rate and burnt some serious calories.


Getting my Turbo on with Chalene Johnson’s HIIT at 35 weeks pregnant!


I feel I shouldn’t have to repeat myself or get into this but please understand that I was doing all of these workouts before I was pregnant. My Dr. approved me to workout because I was already working out and in great shape before. I never push myself so hard that I’m exhausted. I’ve learn to balance my workouts but still get an effective calorie burn. As long as I can talk I can keep going. If I’m too tired to talk then I should stop but I don’t get that far 😉

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Carpe the Hell out of Your Diem–

Laci Jane

  1. Amber
    Amber says:

    Hi there! I’m currently 32 weeks and I workout regularly at the gym but I was thinking of trying the 21 day fix program since I just got a new computer and can stream it now. Is this a good program that can be modified for pregnancy? I’ve done Insanity, P90X, all the chalene programs and some other programs from beach body before & esrlier in pregnancy so I am in shape and have the OK to workout from my doctor. Thanks for your input, I love your blog!!!

  2. Kylee
    Kylee says:

    Hi Lacy,

    Did you ever get Braxton Hicks during the last trimester while working out? My doctor said it is fine to continue working out through them, but I struggled with Turbo Fire and feeling like I was getting an extra ab workout! You have inspired me through out my pregnancy to keep moving and I have been so faithful with Turbo Fire and working out daily! Thank you for being so down to earth about the whole experience! You rocked it in the videos!


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