Staying Active During Pregnancy – Can’t Believe We’re in the Final Four!

I literally cannot believe that I am typing I’m in my final four weeks, mind you NOW I’m actually starting my 39th week so I’m even closer?!! What am I going to do with this tiny little human that God has blessed us with. I literally have no idea. Anyways back to the task at hand. In my last few weeks of pregnancy I have been very active. Because I coach cheerleading my workouts were harder to get in during January because we had so many games but through February it’s been a lot better. I’ve been focusing on longer cardio sessions since labor and delivery could last awhile. I’ve slowed down with my weights but I’m still doing them twice a week now. I’ve only had one day where my feet kind of swelled up but it was a BAD day with foods and I didn’t work out that day. I got them up, iced them and they were down by the time I went to bed. Next day, no issue. Below are a few of the videos I’ve shared on my YouTube channel. The first is a weight workout I got pretty sidetracked during. My dogs are the best workout partners ever!!


The next workout was at 37 weeks pregnant and I did Turbofire 45, I LOVE that workout, so much fun. Still really surprised my balance isn’t an issue because so many women say it is but I guess that is what happens when you continue to stay active during pregnancy. I’m pretty agile still 🙂


If there is one workout I hate it’s Insanity!!! I literally have always loathed doing his workouts. However they are great if you need some long cardio with an intense calorie burn. I definitely have to watch my heart rate with these workouts and sometimes walk away and do a lap to come back down but I get right back into it!


Thanks for visiting! Let me know if you have questions or want my help getting started with a Beachbody program.

Carpe the Hell Out of Your Diem!
Laci Jane

The Final Four Fashion Weeks

Wow! Where did I go? Wrapped up my final weeks as cheerleading coach and back at it with a few more blog posts. I wanted to share some of the outfits I’ve been sporting recently. Still rocking my pre-pregnancy jeans and I couldn’t be happier. I am almost 38 weeks right now this weekend I did have to start using the hair tie trick because he’s finally settled into head down.

Week 35 (I know not technically 4 weeks but hey it was too cute and I didn’t want to make a separate post :). If you didn’t plan on using tunic tops to your advantage during the last stages of pregnancy trust me they’re great. However most of what I’m posting in todays post are dresses…. yes they are supposed to be worn as dresses, but I’m not a hoochie so I’ve always worn them with tights in the winter just as I am doing in this picture on the left. All of this I would have worn if I wasn’t pregnant. The jacket is from H&M. I dig animal prints. Normally I would layer on the bracelets but it’s so hard to do that in the winter with long-sleeves. Outfit cost me next to nothing, even the jacket was only like $25.

Week 36 here on the right. Simple outfit. Got the top for like $8.00 on, again love my animal prints and I’m sporting my red Ed Hardy heels that always stop people in their tracks wondering where I got them. I can’t give away all of my secrets! My husband loves this top because it gives him just enough view of my cleavage to keep it sexy. Unfortunately for him they still haven’t grown but I actually see that as a + in my book. Less stretching less sagging later right? 😉 A girl can dream.

Week 37 and I threw in a selfie I sent to my husband to brighten his day! This top is currently at Charlotte Russe in the DRESS section… psh ya ok! I think I will stick with it as a top even after pregnancy. I have my fake glasses on for show because my husband is obsessed with these glasses. He also likes my hair likes this so I thought I would humor him and fulfill his desires 😉 This is about all he’s getting at week 37 so he better enjoy it LOL!! I just bought a couple more dresses from Charlotte Russe because they were having a buy one get one for $12.95 sale. HOLLA. Can’t see my heels but of course they’re awesome to.

Week 38! WHAT?! Oh if you can’t tell this was second day hair then you gots to be blind My spray tan is also wearing thin gonna have to make the ol husband get me some color this weekend. Again another dress, long style tunic. These have been my saving grace. I love having the extra length for my butt is hanging out of my pants. Aint nobody wanna see an ol pregnant woman’s crack. Minimal jewelry today but I do have red stoned earrings and I had a black cardigan on all day because it’s still really cold. This is a Marvel comics top I got at Wet Seal. It’s about time I add a little super hero flavor into my wardrobe, I mean I am having a little boy.

Hope you enjoyed my post, be sure to subscribe and leave a comment. I may post some more from this week! Just remember to keep your outfits interesting and be creative. I don’t even feel pregnant when I’m rocking these outfits, I feel like ME and I’d much rather feel like myself at the most amazing time of my life!

Carpe the Hell Out of Your Diem —

Laci Jane