Bathroom Rennovation

It’s no surprise that my pregnancy inspired me to make some rennovations around the house, some would call that nesting. I personally called it, “my husband and I decided we didn’t want to move into a new home so Laci decided she would make herself more comfortable in her home”. With that said the new baby’s arrival was going to have a significant impact on my closet room, ya know the one room some of us women expect to have in a house? It contained all of my shoes, heels, and it was my dressing room. I was spoiled with this room for far too long! Here I was standing in a sea of pink and black trying to decide how in HELL I was going to find a place for all of my girly stuff and make room for this little boy who would be taking over my sanctuary. WELL my answer was by kicking my husband out of our room and putting all of his clothes in the guest room, placing mine in our bedroom and then moving some of it into the bathroom. I still wanted that ONE special little spot for me to feel beautiful and sparkly. Here are pictures of the room once we first moved in…

This fall (2013) I started to put my ideas for my bathroom into play. I had already painted it grey and had the black, white, silvery, and sparkly accessories. It was really just a matter of making it all functional and give me some more space. 
I’ve looked through my pictures and I actually can’t find a before picture but the cabinets were standard builder grade and the mirror was just that a flat mirror on the wall. It needed help!! 
I did a lot of Pinterest research about how to paint the cabinets and what would work best I saw a lot of ideas about the type of paint but I actually just went to lowes and asked them what would be best to use. They told me to just get kitchen and bathroom paint which is what I did. I used 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of black. I’m extremely messy so it was all over my floor (use a drop cloth lol). I got the cheapest hardware I could find and totally resisted spending $10 a piece on sparkly pieces. I mean what if the next inhabitant isn’t quite as sparkle friendly as me?? 
The other part of this redo was framing the mirror. My dad is like a beast at home improvement projects. He went with me and we found some plastic pieces that he sanded and I painted black. Then we used the corner pieces (that were wood) and glued them to the mirror! VOILA! It took him awhile to figure this out and if you want actual details on what we used I can let ya know. I added the Christmas lights for a soft effect and they’re on 95% of the time because I love the feel in there. Especially while taking baths listening to my Civil Wars station on Pandora 🙂

One of the simplest pieces I created (my own idea) was the HERS sign on the wall. This was so easy and super cheap. I got the crown and the letters from Hobby Lobby (you’ve seen them if you frequent Hobby Lobby often) they’re actually gold. I spray painted all of the pieces silver. Then, I found a black photo frame at Dollar General for $2. I took it apart and spray painted it silver to. Then I tried to decide how I would make the letters stand out and look 3D on the frame without glass. So I headed back to Hobby Lobby and they hooked me up with some really thick, black, matting board and I glued the letters to it! Then I just hung the frame, figured out where to hang the crown so it overlapped the frame and my project was complete.  Easy Peasy!
To be honest I could have just purchased shelves and made it a hell of a lot easier on my dad but the problem was finding something with some width that would hold all of my stuff! So my dad just made them from supplies we found at Menards. They turned out great and are wide enough to hold pretty much everything I wanted to show off. 

The bottles! Now this was a total Pinterest steal. Here is the link to the original pin that I found. Her setup is totes adorbs but I like mine to 🙂 I just scoured Meijer for cute bottles, slapped some mod podge on the bottom and then poured glitter all over them. 

The last part of my project was finding somewhere to hang all of my jewelry. I’m sure it won’t take long for my son to figure out where these are and start pulling them down buttttttt in the meantime it will hang here, behind the door, out of sight but very visible to me. LOTS of choices. I have more underneath the sink but I don’t wear it much!

 Thanks for stopping by and checking out my first DIY post! Send me questions if you have them 🙂

Carpe the Hell Out of Your Diem —
Laci Jane


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