My 1st Week of Motherhood

I MADE IT! It’s been one week since I found myself face to face with labor and delivery! I was admitted on a Tuesday night to start one process and by Wednesday morning I hadn’t dilated so they had to break my water and my contractions started on my own. By 9pm I was ready to go, I pushed for 15 minutes and little man was welcomed into this world at 9:58pm. Like any mother I was overwhelmed by the emotions I felt for my little Roman. However I was so nauseous afterwards I really was kind of out of it. I didn’t want to hold him a lot because I felt so sick. They ushered him off to the nursery and had us relocated into a recovery room and we were off to bed by 1:30am.

The next day is when it really set in for me. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that my husband and I had created this beautiful little boy! HOW did I get so lucky to have two great looking guys in my life? When I look at the pictures a friend of mine took the day after he was born I just couldn’t help but cry because of the happiness you can see all over our faces.

The healing process had started, all the fun excretions from my body, the soreness, the strange look of your stomach after you no longer have someone living in there, and well constipation. LET’S just say I went a full 24 hrs in the most excruciating pain I’ve been in. Breaking my water…eh, this was SO MUCH worse lol!! I don’t know if any other ladies out there experienced the hell that is constipation after pregnancy but lets just say this was not a minor case, this was like debilitating. I know you all wanted to know this. But hey it was part of my experience. The middle of the night blood pressure and temp checks were always fun to, I mean it was hardly a bother to be awoken from such a wonderful slumber in a luxurious pillow top hospital bed 😐



Once home all three of us had so much to learn. I had my mental breakdown the day after we got home on a Sunday. I am the personality type that always has about a hundred things going on at once, I always have control over my situation. I tend to stand back and make decisions quickly because I’m sure of myself, well babies don’t allow for any of that. So I knew it was time for me to relax, let go, accept help, and allow myself to fail over and over if necessary. I would figure all of this out eventually. I think one of the hardest things for me upon getting home was the realizing that my husband and I would be giving up some of our alone time for awhile which I knew would happen but I honestly felt like I hadn’t seen him much over the time I was in the hospital. It’s not because he wasn’t there for me, he was in every single way he could be. But, remember that personality style I talked about above. Well that also comes with being extremely independent. I didn’t want him in the room when they started the epidural, I didn’t want him staying all night with me every night when I knew he could get a way better and more refreshed sleep at home, I didn’t want him anywhere near me when I was dealing with my poop issues lol. Therefore, when we did get home I wanted all of him all at once and special attention that I’d sort of pushed away all week. Grandma to the rescue. She came and stayed with us Sunday night so we could just cuddle and he could love on me. Once all that was over I felt 100 times better. It’s now been one week and it’s hard to believe everything that has happened since then.
I will sign off by suggesting that I am officially in the mom club now, in the last few days at home I’ve been peed on (Roman also peed all over himself haha it was terrible), he projectile pooped all over me and my favorite pair of sweats, and been spit up on. Sleep hasn’t really been an issue because my husband and I are taking shifts and Roman really has been such a good boy for us. I’ve even  managed to get makeup on and showers in.
I know I will make it through these first few weeks, I got this in the bag 😉
Carpe the Hell Out of Your Diem —
Laci Jane



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