My New Kitchen!!

Seriously if one was going to drag their feet on a project, I’ve completely nailed it. I started on my kitchen the beginning of December 2013. I took off several days so that I could paint and the intention was to have it done by Christmas. HA! For the entire month of December the doors weren’t attached to the cabinets. I just put the finishing touches on the kitchen last week. I wanted it to be perfect. Below you will see a BEFORE picture of our kitchen it’s dark, I know, I’m sorry I am terrible at taking pictures when I am in a DIY project. They were builder grade cabinets and they were fine but I wanted a different look and I wanted my kitchen to be brighter!

Here is the AFTER picture, isn’t it so much prettier??!
I had some Pinterest Pictures of what I was trying to achieve with the kitchen. Here are my Pins that I was going from. Becky’s kitchen from Buckets of Burlap was perfect, I was in love. I still would rather have her kitchen but I do really like mine now that it’s finished.
Buckets of Burlap
My inspiration for the island came from this photo off of Cottage Charm Creations. I had wanted to use real barn siding but it was virtually impossible to find any so we ended up using 1x2s (hehe I think) and I weathered them. My brother in law put it together for us about 2 weeks before we had the baby, which was in February, so again I really took forever to get the kitchen the way I wanted it. The weathered color doesn’t look like it matches my countertop in this picture but I promise it looks better in person and it goes with the wall color. I also want to get old metal stools but not in a hurry to find those yet. 

I had seen this picture on Pinterest also but I had saved it as an image versus pinning it for some reason and I don’t know who it links to. I wanted to do something similar but have a spot to put our mail. I just couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. I was venturing around Michaels looking for something else and I saw this little crate! It was the perfect length and height. I didn’t want to nail or screw anything into the side of the island because there are drawers there. I ended up putting it on with velcro command strips!! GENIUS! I also got the small little chalkboard at Michaels, hot glued it onto the crate and voila!

We bought all of the hardware for the cabinets at Menards, I wish I would have known how expensive it was going to be! Geez, that was a huge chunk of my budget. The cabinet color is Annie Sloan Pure White . I had done A LOT of research on paint and how to refinish cabinets on Pinterest. One thing I knew I wasn’t going to do was sand my cabinets, wasn’t going to happen. The Annie Sloan dealer recommended that I use the paint and the topcoat only. However, after testing the paint out on the back of one of my cabinets I quickly realized I would be using a lot of my Annie Sloan paint if I was going to do more than 2 coats. So I opted to do 2 coats of white primer, then followed with 2 coats of Annie Sloan, and finally 2 coats of the topcoat from Annie Sloan also. I didn’t do 2 coats of Annie Sloan on the back of the cabinets or the topcoat only because I wasn’t concerned with what the inside looked like!
The other touches you will see in the picture below are deer antlers lining my cabinets. I really wasn’t sure about it but my husband loves to hunt sheds in the timber and they were just hanging out in our garage. I brought them in one day and tossed em up there. I really didn’t like them at first but after about a week I really found them kind of appealing. My mother in law came over and also approved, so I knew they were going to stay! 
The growth chart!?! Oh I couldn’t wait to add the growth chart. If you look back up at Becky’s kitchen she has an ice cream sign next to her fridge which I felt was the perfect spot for our growth chart and it hid the small gap between the wall and the fridge. Much to my dismay, my dad said we had to screw it in which will leave me filling in those holes when we leave because the growth chart will go with us, but oh well. The things we do for the perfect space! I got a piece of cedar wood, weathered it again and use the white primer to do the lines and numbers. The entire chart took me probably 30 minutes to make, not including drying time for the weathered look. 
I want to give a shoutout to the Etsy business I purchased my burlap curtain from, Crafty Amour (you can link to her shop from my picture). If there is one thing I can’t do, it’s sew 🙁 I contacted her and gave her the measurements and she quickly created one and had it mailed back to me! I am going to order another one for our front door here soon. The lights were switched out also, I found those at Target. They actually had a finish that matched my hardware better but when I had brought them home just to ask my husband if they would work I came up from doing laundry and they were installed……. I didn’t really want them put up YET I just wanted to know if they would work?!! I never told him that haha, so they stayed, one because they were expensive and two because he thought he was doing what I asked. OH WELL! They look just fine. 
 Crafty Amour
Here are just two more pictures with different views of the kitchen, if you have any questions at all about how you can redo your kitchen or where I got a piece from the kitchen please contact me. I promise you I am the last person that would have tackled this whole process unless I thought I could do it without much stress. It was really easy to do it just took time to dry and it was winter so I had to lay the cabinets out all over the house and we didn’t have a ton of room for that, especially with two nosy dogs.

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