A Fashionable Diaper Bag that’s Helping a Community

I searched high and low for the PERFECT diaper bag and much to my dismay I wasn’t finding anything that I felt “fit” me. I wanted something that I could carry as a purse and as a diaper bag. Something that wasn’t bulky and that I could wear and feel comfortable carrying.

One evening as I was scouring Pinterest I ran across the Better Life Bags. The Emily bag was perfect! The concept is similar to Thirty One but who wants a bag that looks like everyone elses? NOT ME! They allowed me to customize my own bag and get it exactly the way I wanted it. 

But you see,  none of this is the reason that I decided to purchase my diaper bag from them. I was actually more impressed with their mission. “We hire women, who otherwise could not work, to work for us. We pay them a living wage and watch them gain dignity, honor, and respect. Watch our video here. We also give 10% of our monthly GROSS income to low income entrepreneurs in developing countries through Kiva.org” (Rebecca, Better Life Bags).

When I received my bag there was even a little note from Rebecca and a signature of the individual charged with crafting my beloved little bag. Did this woman even know how excited I was about this bag? No, she has no idea how much I love it and appreciate her work, her art.

I have been using the bag for 3 months now and it has been wonderful. It holds everything I need, has 2 side pockets that I use to put my keys and cell phone in and a back pocket that I will throw my wallet in. No need to even lug a purse around, I’ve got everything I need and the best part is that no one knows it could quite possibly be holding a pair of poop stained pants, a stinky diaper, or half chewed on snacks!

So thank you Rebecca at Better Life Bags for all that you do for your community. I LOVE my bag.

Carpe the Hell Out of Your Diem–
Laci Jane