Fourth of July Fashion

Ohhh Independence Day! It means fireworks, BBQ, beer, swimming, all the things that give us the warm fuzzing feeling of being thankful that we live in such an incredible country, the United State of America. It seems that the red, white, and blue, stars and stripes have been “in” since May! I saw this scarf at Charming Charlies and knew I had to have it! It was such a cute alternative to wearing a typical patriotic top. I received a lot of compliments so I decided I would show everyone how I learned to do it.

Please share the video so that your friends can learn how to do it to! Think of all of your scarves that you have buried away bc it seems too hot to wear during the summer. You get a one of a kind look this way. If I wasn’t a new momma I would have totally have just worn this top with a bandeau style bra top underneath to show my back off some BUT I am a momma and that comes with some rules about what we show and what we dont ;).

Check out Pinterest for a lot of other ways to wear your scarves!

Carpe the Hell Out of Your Diem-
Laci Jane


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