I had a baby 6 months ago, MIND BLOWN

I can’t believe I’m sitting here watching my 6 month old son try and figure out how to crawl while my husband chants, “you can do it Romie!” About 6 months ago he was still in my stomach and we were anxiously awaiting his arrival. The things my husband and I have learned! The things we look back at and laugh about already. The things we would change if we could go back and a few things that we wouldn’t. The love that has consumed us for our son, it’s all mind blowing and I know the moms and dads who read this totally understand what I’m saying.

One of the things that I wanted to share but kind of forgot about until recently when I downloaded some photos on to my computer was about 3 items that were lifesavers for me in the hospital. I saw a picture that I took of one of them and it reminded me I had never posted this information on my blog!

So here are 3 things that may be out there on other lists but I didn’t have them on my own when I prepared my hospital bag. I was in the hospital for a total of 4 nights and 5 days. Roman did not have anything really wrong with him but he had a feeding issue which he still struggles with even now! Doesn’t slow him down at all but it kept us in the hospital a little longer than other babies.

ANYWAYS here are my 3 useful items that I think women should know about because they were lifesavers for me. Men…..ehhh you could be grossed out so you may want to go back to your regularly scheduled internet surfing.

1) Underwear- yeah I know what you’re probably thinking, no brainer right. Just listen to me. So most of those lists you hear women talking about these ugly weird mesh panties that the nurses give you to wear and that you end up with ice packs in your underwear to keep swelling down, etc. Most women suggest not even taking underwear bc of course they’re just going to get bloody and gross. Well here is how I used mine. I had Roman on a Wednesday night and Thursday when I got up I thought damn, these mesh underwear have no support and I feel like I have a weight between my legs bc of this ice pack which is hanging down between my legs and not even on the area it is supposed to be on to reduce swelling.

One difference for me was that Roman was in the nursery the entire time so I was not confined to my bedroom I was up walking around allllll day with visitors and going back and forth from the nursery to my room so lots of walking/waddling.

By lunch time I thought I bet if I put on a pair of my underwear OVER my mesh undies and this icepack pad it will keep it up and in place better. VOILA! It worked! All of the granny panties I had bought to have and wear around post pregnancy were black and navy blue and they had a little bit of spandex in them. Seriously they were so helpful so I had Grant go back home and get the rest of them so I had plenty on hand at the hospital during my stay.

2) These are kind of a no brainer with little explanation needed as to why they were amazing but I didn’t see them on any Pinterest or blog lists. Always feminine wipes!!! OMG so refreshing didn’t have to worry about using that weird bottle thing to squirt myself with, they were cool, and most importantly they helped me feel clean. I used them so much post pregnancy as I was healing, wonderful.

3) A FAN!!! Obviously if you don’t sleep with a fan at home this may not be on your list. But I sleep with a fan at home and the hospital was so incredibly noisy at night and they come in at weird times to poke and prod on you. I had Grant bring mine for the last 2 nights I was there and it made a world of a difference. This is the one we take with us when we travel places so I just put it on a table right next to my head while I slept and it drowned out the hospital sounds and allowed me to rest.
Okay, those are my tips for things you could add to your hospital bag. Let me know what kind of things you thought were life saving that maybe you didn’t see on any lists anywhere. I get a lot of messages from new mommas so help each other out!

Carpe the Hell Out of Your Diem–
Laci Jane


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