If I Fall Off the Face of the Planet Tomorrow

I sure hope I don’t fall off the face of the planet tomorrow but if I do will my husband be able to run our home? Now let me get things straight here, my husband is an amazing father who does everything I do with our son and he helps me out in every way with our home. I say help me out but we really are a team.

However there are just a few things that I run in our home that my husband simply doesn’t take care of I pay all the bills, keep track of our finances (even though we do have separate accounts, trust me if you don’t it’s wayyyyyy less stressful on your marriage), medical information, health insurance, these are just what I can think of at this hour.

Anyways whether it is the husband or wife do you keep each other informed as to what you’re doing? Do you have things written down to make it easier on them so they know what’s going on if something happens to you? I have a notebook I write down things in so my husband would know where I keep this or that or why I do things a specific way.

Today I learned that in order to visit an after hours medical clinic we would need a referral from the after hours telenurse so our insurance will cover it. Something seemingly super easy but it sure would save my husband stress and time if I were to write that down for him AND make sure I tell him about it so he could take care of that if I were ever not around.

Ask questions, write down tips and tricks, and communicate to inform one another. Keeping it all to yourself is only going to do more harm than good.

 I feel like I should have on glasses, smoking a cigar with a fireplace behind me as I give this advice lol. Instead I’m sitting here with my alma mater’s tshirt on, striped pajama pants, fluffy ugg house slippers, surrounded by tissues, a snotty nose and a dog on either side….one wearing my sons teether as a necklace 😐

And so it goes….

Carpe the Hell Out of Your Diem–

Laci Jane


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