I Never Had a PlanB.. part 1

Wow… I  mean how do I really get into what I have been going through for the last few months in just a few short sentences to keep your attention so you don’t click off and go on to something or someone else? Oh I don’t know let’s start with this, I got back from maternity leave, they fired my boss, I ran an entire marketing department for a university by myself for almost 2 months (in August of all times), begin my MBA program again, decide I should take 2 classes at once (someone should have shot me), got new boss, threatened to quit because “I don’t get paid enough for this shit”, was convinced to stay, university announces they aren’t going to take any more students, they’re done with traditional programming, CAMPUS GOES BERZERK, campus announces layoffs effective May 31, 2015, get layed off early January 2015, buy a new house, lose my damn mind, the end.

Does that sound crazy enough? Like my head is still spinning. I thought I had life figured out. I had a plan and never had a plan b drawn up. What was the point? I loved my job, I loved the people (or most of them, except that one girl, UGH such a snooty drama queen, little gossiping bitch), and I loved being able to work with the students. I had no reason to leave until all hell started breaking loose. I never made much money, I actually made more than a lot of my peers but I never bragged about it because even what I made was laughable. I was there because my the students we recruited through our marketing efforts meant more to me than money and I woke up just about every day happy to go to work.

You’ll remember that I mentioned I threatened to quit. I did. My husband and I didn’t have a plan b I just threw it out there because I was so tired of being walked on and taken advantage of that I had just had enough. The love of my life told me he couldn’t handle me being so incredibly stressed out (I was working all day and all night most nights to get the work for the university done on top of homework, and caring for my mini me) and he’d had enough. Fuck this shit I’m done. Nothing will ever be worth a problem in my marriage. When the new gal convinced me to stay I was like meh ok, work on getting me a raise and I’ll think about it. Two weeks later all hell literally did break loose.

I won’t go into details, I shouldn’t and I’m bound by contracts. However, let me just tell you it was terrible. I cried for like 5 days and I don’t even cry. Our students were a mess, the professers and staff were pissed, the kid’s parents were LIVID, and the area colleges were rubbing their hands together saying, “alright, alright, alriiiight”. My Alma Mater just announced it was closing it’s doors. Because college’s close all the time right? I’ve still not accepted it, but it’s reality nothing I can do about it.

My husband and I started to work through a plan. He makes enough money with his career that we would be fine. I also had my income from Beachbody and we assumed that by May I could have that built up and it would really be bringing in a nice steady income and replace my old salary completely. Up until this point Beachbody was providing me about an extra $1000-$2000 a month without me really trying. Obviously it was worth a little extra time if I could increase that amount. I sent in my info to receive a substitute teaching license and we figured we would get started tightening up and by May we would be ready.

Well enter the next curve ball aimed straight for my face. Nope we’re done with you now! We don’t need you anymore [here I type things that could get me in trouble due to contracts *%^&*!@#$%*&%!@#!………#@!$%^&*?<!@!@#%^$#??{! ..] Alright back  to it. They fired me without any warning, they're real swell people.

There we were without a plan, definitely not with the same amount of income anymore and I was again back to square one. I got right into working on my Beachbody business more. I reached out to my upline coach, started reaching out to old customers and coaches, reading the news, going through a huge refresher of what I should be doing.

During that time we also decided it would be a good idea to buy a house. Makes sense right? Well it was THE house. The one we had been looking for since August 2014.. well not the EXACT one because that one was always about $30K more than what we wanted to spend but it was the house we plan on staying in. This all means momma bear needs to work a little harder, hustle a little more and get serious about Beachbody.

So there you have it, where have I been since my last sweet little post in January?? Trying to connect my dots and get my shit together. I know what by PlanB is now I just have to work on fine tuning it. My plan is no longer perfect and I have a PlanC and PlanD.

Take my advice and don’t live in your unicorn, rainbow, and billy goat land forever. Have a PlanB and if you’re interested in learning about my PlanB get a hold of me, I’m building a team currently and have room for you on the roster. I mean what else am I doing except deciding which leggings to wear around the house and if I’m going to wash my hair or not 😉  ??

Carpe the Hell Out of Your Diem–
Laci Jane


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