I Used my Kitchen! Holy Shit

So I woke up  last week and thought hmmmm I want to be domesticated. I shall go on Pinterest and see what I want to do today. I decided on yogurt bites for my little man. I’m trying to keep my son’s foods simple. That means the list of ingredients has to be short and simple and things I understand. NO I’m not going to be the fit mom who doesn’t let their child have any sugar but he’s little, he doesn’t need sugar, he doesn’t need to get it on a regular basis so THERE.

I thought instead of using yogurt that has sugar, artificial sweeteners, etc. I would just use plain greek yogurt and add raw honey natural honey to it. Below are my steps to success and my cute, adorable, little man gobbling them up!!
Step 1) I used a small baking dish, covered in wax paper (not pictured), Plain Greek Yogurt, and Natural Honey. I used a small baking dish just because we didn’t have much room in our fridge and in the process of moving we do not have a lot of things for me to use that aren’t already packed. 

Step 2) I used a plastic baggie to form the bites. You can also do this with one of those things you squeeze out icing with. I have no idea what they’re called but my mom used to use one and I knew from past experience which she didn’t have one she would make due with a plastic bag.
Cut a tiny triangle out of the bottom corner. Mine was even just a bit too big. 

Step 3) Mix your yogurt and your honey together. This much made like 2 pan fulls
Step 4) Squeeze your little bites into the pan!
Step 5) FREEZE
Step 6) Mine froze in about an hour and were ready for eating

Carpe the Hell Out of Your Diem
Laci Jane


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