Call Us crazy…

Call us crazy, but guess what? We are selling our brand new home. We moved in 7 1/2 weeks ago and we have made the decision to sell our new house! We came to this conclusion after many conversations in our kitchen while I sat on the counter and he leaned against the fridge, while we walked with our son and dogs through the beautiful neighborhood, while my husband laid with his head on my stomach and I massaged his temples. We’ve felt a ton of emotions in the last few weeks and at first were entirely too worried about, really, what all of you would think. It hit me one day in the middle of the night while I was doing homework. I decided a long time ago to quit worrying about what others would think so this time was no different. This was our decision to make and ours alone. Who cares if we move out again, at least we aren’t entirely unpacked!

So let’s get one thing straight, there isn’t anything wrong with the house, it’s absolutely beautiful, it is located in an amazing spot with so much privacy. It just isn’t our house. You know when you get that feeling that something just isn’t right and you begin to doubt yourself? That was us and neither of us wanted to admit it. It’s simply not our forever home. Therefore, we have decided to build our forever home instead!

We are very excited and confident about our decision to do this. We no longer feel doubt or uncertainty like we did when we moved into this house. We hope that someone else will love this home and find their forever home in it. If you know someone who is looking be sure to share it with them!

Carpe the Hell Out of Your Diem —
Laci Jane


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