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I posted a video the other night to my Facebook page (watch it here), it was hysterical. My son totally photo bombed the video I was making, in fact it was going on for about a minute before I actually caught it and I didn’t realize it until after I was done, I was laughing so hard.

Anyways I posted the video and everyone loved it and some would potentially assume that somehow my workout session was all fun and games. However, I want to explain to you just how eventful that workout session was.

My intention was to begin with a warm up. Because our basement is so long my husband and I can really get up some speed and put in some nice warm ups by moving back and forth. as I began to warm up, Roman ran next to me. Great I said, he’s laughing, doing as I do, and most importantly he’s having fun. Five minutes in, I look over to see that dog number 1 just SHIT on my basement floor for the second time this week. The dog who’s been potty trained for YEARS got her little ass spanked then I had to grab my son by the hand as he screamed (bc he wanted to be downstairs and now we were going back up), drug my dog upstairs and put her in her carrier. I pick him up and run back downstairs with paper towel and clorox wipes to clean up her poop. Ten minutes later I begin to lift only to look over after my second set and see that dog number 2 has ALSO shit on the floor. This time I had no energy to stop my workout again so I found a box and covered it up. Swatted his big ol butt and then went back to work.

For the remainder of the workout I had to ensure that my son was not trying to sticking anything into the back of the TV, that he wasn’t trying to play in the dog poop under the box, that he didn’t completely piss off dog number 2 because he was chasing him around with his tiny shopping cart (thanks grandma ;), and to keep it fun for him. The last thing I want is for my son to think that workout time is ONLY about me. We encourage his participation and make sure to take timeouts so he knows we are still paying attention to him.

Are my workouts perfect anymore? Nope. Do they come with a ton of distraction? Absolutely. How do I still get in a good workout? Lots of practice and modifications. My husband and I also have started working out together so it’s two on one. Your child is not an excuse not to workout. We have one of the BUSIEST kids you can have and we make it work.

If you ever have questions or would like advice on how to make your workouts work around and with your children, message me! I would be happy to assess how you do things and offer some suggestions.

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