DIY Curtain Rods for less than 10$

You can learn about my 9 secrets to saving money during a home build or renovation here. However, it was necessary for me to expand on how I was able to create super amazing curtain rods for our new home for just a few dollars in a separate post from that one!

I sought out several ideas on Pinterest but finally settled on Ashley’s tutorial on 3 Little Greenwoods. Please show her some love and check it out!

Here is how I did it:

My first step was to head to Lowes and purchase the electrical conduits that Ashley mentions in her post. I was able to get I believe 6 conduits for less than $10 and some I would be cutting in half. I ended up having two left over we won’t be using so they were a waste for me. Due to our home having such large windows it was necessary for me to go back and purchase the metal conduits over the plastic because the plastic sagged on the big windows. Seriously though, even the metal ones were super cheap. If you have large windows definitely use three hangers. Even if you are unsure, just use a third hanger in the middle to maintain support.


Next I got home and had my husband cut them with his hand saw (we don’t do large power tools at our home) to fit the measurements we’d taken for the windows. Then they were ready for me to spray paint. I just placed them on boxes with a larger box underneath to catch the over spray that way they were lifted in the middle. It took some twisting and turning but I was able to get them sprayed in a couple days. They are not perfect but no one is getting that close.

My next trip was to Hobby Lobby during the week they had their metal hangers on sale, 50% off. This is a huge savings. I bought those for my son’s room and the entryway in one style, 2 for our room with these cute little birds on them and then 10 for the larger windows in a style that allows them to stick out from the wall a little more. I didn’t realize it at the time but those would have been the best choice on ALL the windows. The hangers I used in the bedrooms and entryway create a really tight fit against the wall, once the conduit and the curtains are on they don’t slide very easily at all. The others hangers are PERFECT!

oil rubbed bronzeI brought all of these hangers home, laid them out and then got to work spraying them to match the conduits. I used a flat black in my son’s room, a metallic silver in our bedroom and an oil rubbed bronze on the rest. This is the same spray paint I used on almost EVERY single light fixture in the house. It was perfect, it goes on nicely and has a little shimmer to it that I just love. If you are out there RUST-OLEUM you should send me a gift certificate because I spent hundreds on spray paint to DIY the lights and these curtain rods! It still saved me money but I should own stock in spray paint now. No, but seriously, I probably didn’t even spend a hundred on the spray paint.



IMG_1138[Roman’s Room]

What I really want to show you is the “how to” for the bay window which is my favorite, it turned out better than I could have ever possibly imagined.

1) We had to measure how long we wanted it. I had to measure each a
ngle of the wall and calculate it out a couple times.

2) I then crbay window templateeated a template of sorts with card stock to get the angle just right when it came time to bend the metal conduit.

3) My husband brought in the conduit and we used our island to bend it. We put down a couple thick towels so as not to damage the top of island and steadily bent the conduit until it was pretty damn close to the angle.


4) Then we went over to the wall to see if it would fit before we bent the other side. The first time we thought we had gotten it just right but it wasn’t until we did the second one we realized we were going to have to adjust. Just go slowly and keep checking. They bend pretty easily and so what if it breaks! They’re so cheap go get another and use the bent one was practice to get the next one right!

After a screaming match (my husband did NOT believe this was going to work), I was able to hang my amazing curtains and the window looked absolutely perfect!!! Bay window rods are hundreds of dollars and I made mine for less than $10.

Ashley added finials and her own DIY curtains too. I haven’t gotten around to adding finials but I am pretty happy with how they look now. If I feel inspired and bored (HAHA) some day I may attempt at adding some at least to the windows in our large, open living space.

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