Dressing the Bump in the Spring

I’m 28 weeks pregnant in late spring. The last time I was 28 weeks pregnant it was December. Dressing the bump is entirely different and a lot more challenging when it’s warmer out. Most people would assume that summer would be easier but that is not what I have found. Maxi dresses, unless fitted correctly, make me look like a COW, all of my cute tanks that are flow-ier make me look like a COW, shorts.. ugh I don’t like wearing those anyways, and don’t even get my started on maxi skirts, I have not even seen maternity maxi skirts that look like they will fit cute. I can still do leggings and wide leg flowy pants with a form-fitting top, fitted maxi dresses, jeans and fitted tops, and I’ve got a couple high-waisted skirts that still look quite adorable. They won’t within the next 4 weeks when torpedo belly develops tho!

I really found that winter leggings, boots, and cardigans were far cuter and comfier than what I’ve tried to put together late spring. Plus, it seems as if dressing a winter bump is less noticeable, more subtle? With summer more skin is showing and I’m just not about showing off any extra part of my body lol, the belly is enough!

I’m not wearing maternity clothes this time either. I have nothing against them. I just like a good challenge and I want to try and spend my money on clothes I can actually wear again, not some I will sell for a quarter of the price at a garage sale or ones I will give away. Luckily my belly is still high so my jeans fit and it is TOTALLY possible to find shirts to wear that are not maternity shirts. In our area the selection is terrible anyways, stripes, stripes, and more stripes. Ugh let’s make us look bigger than we already feel, thanks but no thanks.

I’ve included just a few of my favorite outfits from the last several weeks of pregnancy. I haven’t posted as near as many because since I stay home now most days I’m just in my leggings and an old ratty t-shirt with no makeup. While I love you, I aint going to be sprucing up and trying on all my outfits and taking pictures just for ya’ll!! Other times when I am going somewhere I’m still trying to battle two dogs, a two year old and actually make it out the door on time.

Here are some outfits I was able to capture!

21 weeksAt 21 weeks pregnant I rocked my high-waisted black skirt with an adorable large bow belt. You know me and belts I think they are such an underused fashion piece. Makes your waist look skinny! Striped shirt but thank God it was vertical wouldn’t have worn it if it was horizontal.

At 24 weeks pregnant I found a tighter maxi dress from Target that is long enough to still give me length despite my growing belly. I pulled a royal blue chiffon 3/4 sleeve top over it, knotted it just abov24 weekse my belly and boom. Totes adorbs. You can purchase this dress online here, just follow the link. I’m 5’5 and this is an XS.

At 28 weeks I wanted to stay comfy when I went into work but still look cute so I pulled out my husband’s favorite khaki vest with gold buttons (he actually hates it, says I look like I’m in a marching band), paired it with a large statement necklace, plain off white V-neck and my wide leg black pants. Wish I would have 28 weeksknown you could see my ass through these pants…. I wore them for about 4 hours prior to going into work. I bet there were some real nice things said about the pregnant hoochie mama!!!! It would have been okay if my shirt was covering most of my rear but you know sometimes we forget to pull it down. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now except hope that someone enjoyed the view?? LOL. I had a lot of people from my Facebook page ask where I got 28 week selfitmy necklace. I assumed David’s Bridal would have it online still on clearance with some of the other necklaces I saw there but they don’t. It is possible your local David’s could still have it so run in and check to see.

I’d love to feature someone besides myself on this page! If you think you have great style or just love an outfit you put together while pregnant message me on FB or drop me an email and let me know! Links are always appreciated so someone else can run out and get a similar look.

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