What Happened to Us?

cherry pieI found myself asking this question the other night after sat on my couch with a food belly (and baby belly) full of the most amazing cherry pie of my life. I had just gobbled down two pieces of pie, yes two, let’s just say the pie didn’t last long. It wasn’t gluten free either hehehehehehehe so the husband couldn’t eat it hehehehehehe.

If you’ve been reading my posts you know that in 2015 we moved three times and lived in four houses. Our first move of the year we were greeted on a crisp morning by three neighbor ladies who wanted to welcome us to the neighborhood, a little boy from a couple houses over who I can only imagine was looking for a playmate, and an older gentlemen from across the road who engaged my husband in about a thirty minute conversation about anything he could think up. To say we were impressed is an understatement. The welcome we received made our hearts full and it honestly was on of the reasons we did NOT want to leave the area. As a matter of fact a home popped up for sale in the subdivision recently and I won’t lie we considered and wished we could afford it.

Our second move was quick and painless. Things were so chopped up, part of our stuff was in two different storage locations, a lot was with us and some we kept at my parents house. This was the town we grew up in. We didn’t expect a welcome and we didn’t receive one. Maybe this is because everyone probably already knew who we were, our business and why we were staying there. Maybe it’s because welcoming neighbors to the neighborhood is a dying tradition. I don’t know.

When I reflect back almost four years to when we moved into our first home we did not receive a welcome either. I don’t want this to offend our old neighbors because TRUST me they were some of the best people we could ever have been blessed to live around. We got to know them over time and again, awesome people, but there definitely wasn’t a welcoming. I’m not upset with them or blame them for not baking me brownies or saying hello so don’t get me wrong. Besides, we are just as guilty! Shame on me, shame on us. Families moved into the area and not once did my husband or I go over and welcome them. I am so angry with myself for not going the extra mile but I hadn’t really thought about it until I had a belly full of delicious, red, oooey gooey, cherry goodness.

This pie and an accompanying flower were gifts from a “neighbor” who wanted to welcome us to the “neighborhood”. This is the only person of the surrounding homes who has even attempted to speak to us and she actually doesn’t even live near us. Again, I’m not upset with our current neighbors, heck I really don’t even know them, just the names because others have told us about them. If you are one of our new neightbors and happen to be reading this, I do love cherry pie and at this point in my pregnancy I would take pretty much anything you’d be willing to make, just saying 🙂

I think we really need to ask ourselves,are we so stifled by the screens we sit behind that we can’t even leave the house to welcome and introduce ourselves to neighbors? Do we lack the communication skills and confidence to strike up a conversation with someone new, someone literally right next door? It’s frustrating to me. We are better people than this, I know I am, and mark my words it will not happen again. Welcoming someone and introducing yourself is a far cry from being  meddling neighbor. I encourage and implore you to be that change in your own neighborhood. It feels really really good to know that someone cares enough about your new adventure in a new home and place that they want to stop by, say hello and congrats on your new home.I won’t let the chance to make a new friend pass me by.

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