first daySo a week ago today we made the choice to give one of our fur babies up and re home her. I picked up Jerzie Ann in 2009 in Missouri. I had seen her breed somewhere and became obsessed with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The economy was tanked so I was able to get her much, much cheaper than what a Kind Charles normally costs. She was perfect from the very beginning. Not only was she incredibly intelligent, she was sweet, loyal and not aggressive at all. She became our child and she was treated as such for many years. She went everywhere with me.IMG_0900

When we adopted Boss in 2012 she never complained or got upset with us she accepted him as part of our family and we all got along great for almost two more years before wild man entered the picture. When Roman was born she accepted him as well. She didn’t necessarily “like” him but she never got upset, she went with the flow. She did her best to bob and weave to avoid him but she put up with him for two more years.



my 3 babiesThat brings us to a grand total of seven years that Jerzie was a part of our lives. Literally one of THE best dogs you could ever imagine having. I never dreamt I would end up giving her up. When we moved into our new house in December she started to change. I can’t tell you exactly what it was that caused this personality disruption but I am venturing to say that she sensed I was pregnant. She is incredibly intelligent. I don’t believe she wanted to go with the flow any longer and I think she became anxious to a fault about the impending doom that the addition would bring to the home (her getting less attention). She began to attach herself to my feet. I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything without her right next to me. She began whining incessantly any time I would go behind a closed door or leave her for a moment (her whine isn’t a whimper it’s an all out chalkboard scratching squall. ), frantically trying to find me in the house. This resulted in her being put in her carrier way more often that she needed to be throughout the day. This meant less time with me which resulted in her greater demand for attention while she was out, a vicious circle and my husband and I losing our sanity with her on any given evening.

I began to see the difference between how she and boss were acting. He still sat around like a normal dog, he would raise his head if we came into a room but he didn’t feel the need to follow us around and her certainly did not care if we left him alone. He was fine, you could tell he was unaffected by the new house or that there may be another addition in the future. But I mean he’s the orphan puppy, the rescue dog. He’s not as used to being the center of attention as she has been for the greater majority of her life. I think she felt it slipping through her tiny, fluffy paws.

My husband and I discussed giving her away several times but we just couldn’t stomach the thought. Eventually it got to a point where we knew we weren’t being fair. We were getting upset with her for her actions, it’s hard to be understanding when there is a 2 year old running through the house screaming, one dog chasing the toddler, the other dog squalling, all while you’re simply trying to have a conversation about how your day went!! She would get booted to her carrier where she would quiet down and we were living as a family without her until Roman went down for the evening, we managed to get showers and eat. Leaving us with a grand total of about two hours a day where she could really get our full attention and cuddle and even then sometimes I am on the computer doing work. Let’s throw in a newborn and see how that same saga would play out every evening. We decided.

For about a week I messaged friends privately on FB asking for their help in finding her a new home. We knew we wanted her to live with a family who had the time, one with older children, a single individual, or an older couple. Someone who would treat her like the little princess she is, she absolutely deserves that. I wanted her to be someone’s child again not just a dog in a home where she wouldn’t get attention. Trust me I wanted to give it to her but what we could give just wasn’t enough anymore.


A friend of mine messaged me back and we decided to have him meet her. He fell in love (how could you not) and a week later we gave her away. There were several times during that week I felt the emotions sweep over me and I promptly pushed them away. This wasn’t about us this was about her, I just prayed she wouldn’t be brokenhearted and she would allow someone else to love her like we had all these years. I received a few updates over the weekend that she was doing really well. I haven’t heard anything for a couple days so I assume they are getting a long just fine. He’s posted a couple pictures and they warmed our heart. He is one lucky guy I will say that.

While I know it’s easy to judge someone’s decision to give away a family pet I hope you will not judge us. This was not a choice we ever thought we would have to make but our family has evolved and I think it was Jerzie’s way of telling us she wasn’t ready for more changes and I completely understand that. I just wish it could have been different. We gave her so much love over the last seven years and we have memories with her that we will never forget. Jerzie girl, I love you forever and always, you’re always going to have a piece of my heart… XOXO.

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Dressing the Bump with the Help of LuLu’s!

lulus2In my never-ending quest to find the perfect outfits to wear during pregnancy I stumbled upon Lulu’s. There were plenty of dresses on the site that I desperately wanted but price was definitely a factor. I settled with this amazing black dress which I knew I could wear to work and every day…. wait who am I kidding, I wear yoga pants every day UNLESS I am going to work.

I tried it on within minutes of receiving the package and fell madly and deeply in love. The problem was they didn’t have it in a small, which I needed. I was forced to order a medium instead which meant it was big on me even with my round baby bump, especially in the chest area. I will definitely have to have it altered to fit after I have baby. I wanted to wear it to a graduation ceremony I was attending that evening so I made it work. It was a cool evening so I wore a sweater over it which helped hide the extra material I had stuffed into my over sized belt I wore with it. I also wore it a couple days later to work and kept a black, fitted vest over it so that you couldn’t see it then either!

I always look for length in the dresses I purchase, I want them long enough so that if I wear a decent sized wedge or thick sandal that it will not be too short. For me, I know that a dress with a length of 42 inches is perfect. I usually get that from waist. My black dress from LuLu’s I believe was even longer than that. The model was 5’7 with heels on and it was still dragging the floor. I knew it would be perfect.

lulus1The top of it is busy enough with color that it really had me stumped with what to wear in terms of accessories. I ended up choosing my chunky red necklace and bracelet and out the door I went! #LoveLulus

Definitely a dress to snatch up, especially if you want some style to dress your bump. It has the length to accommodate the lift your bump creates. If you don’t have to worry about the bump just make sure you realize that you will likely need to get it hemmed if you just want to be casual and wear flip flops with it. I find that wearing heels with a maxi just isn’t comfortable. I mean they are supposed to be the nicer version of leggings right haha??!

Let me know what you think of this dress. You can get it here at this link.

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Laci Jane
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