Dressing the Bump with the Help of LuLu’s!

lulus2In my never-ending quest to find the perfect outfits to wear during pregnancy I stumbled upon Lulu’s. There were plenty of dresses on the site that I desperately wanted but price was definitely a factor. I settled with this amazing black dress which I knew I could wear to work and every day…. wait who am I kidding, I wear yoga pants every day UNLESS I am going to work.

I tried it on within minutes of receiving the package and fell madly and deeply in love. The problem was they didn’t have it in a small, which I needed. I was forced to order a medium instead which meant it was big on me even with my round baby bump, especially in the chest area. I will definitely have to have it altered to fit after I have baby. I wanted to wear it to a graduation ceremony I was attending that evening so I made it work. It was a cool evening so I wore a sweater over it which helped hide the extra material I had stuffed into my over sized belt I wore with it. I also wore it a couple days later to work and kept a black, fitted vest over it so that you couldn’t see it then either!

I always look for length in the dresses I purchase, I want them long enough so that if I wear a decent sized wedge or thick sandal that it will not be too short. For me, I know that a dress with a length of 42 inches is perfect. I usually get that from waist. My black dress from LuLu’s I believe was even longer than that. The model was 5’7 with heels on and it was still dragging the floor. I knew it would be perfect.

lulus1The top of it is busy enough with color that it really had me stumped with what to wear in terms of accessories. I ended up choosing my chunky red necklace and bracelet and out the door I went! #LoveLulus

Definitely a dress to snatch up, especially if you want some style to dress your bump. It has the length to accommodate the lift your bump creates. If you don’t have to worry about the bump just make sure you realize that you will likely need to get it hemmed if you just want to be casual and wear flip flops with it. I find that wearing heels with a maxi just isn’t comfortable. I mean they are supposed to be the nicer version of leggings right haha??!

Let me know what you think of this dress. You can get it here at this link.

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