Three Becomes Four

On July 26 we welcomed you, our second son Ryker, into the world. After a relatively easy but stressful pregnancy you made your debut at 38 weeks 4 days. They handed you over to me and I just couldn’t get over how little you were, especially compared to our plump little Roman who was born at 40 weeks 5 days. You curled right up on top of me and struggled to open your eyes but you just kept your focus on me as if you weren’t going to stop until you got a really close look at mom. At two weeks old you still look up at me sometimes as if in awe of me. Of course, if you knew me yet you wouldn’t think i was quite as awesome as you make me think I am right now 😉 You have the ability to say a lot with your little blue eyes.

Your brother has been quite taken with you. He loves to help us with you, gives you kisses any chance he gets and becomes quite frantic if he doesn’t know where you are in the house. He has literally floored us at how well he’s adjusting. We love you both so much.

From our 20 week appointment on we were told there were a variety of things that could potentially be wrong with you. First it was your heart, then it was something on your brain, when they ruled both of those out we were told your long bones weren’t measuring long enough. We were referred to the maternal and fetal medicine department at the hospital where they ruled out dwarfism and after a 2 1/2 week wait on genetic testing they also ruled out Downs Syndrome and Trisomy 18. Whew…. The only good thing about any of it was that we saw you at every single appointment we had until 38 weeks. We also got to see you a couple times at our maternal and fetal appointments. Your daddy and I were so positive you were going to be just perfect but we worried nonetheless. It was interesting to find out that your brother’s long bones had also measured 5 1/2 weeks behind the day we went in for his 40 week appointment but we were never told bc we went in to the hospital that day!! I was like what?! Yours were measuring 3 1/2-4 behind on the ultrasounds. We concluded after watching your brother run naked through the house that you were both going to have long torsos and shorter legs just like me. Your pediatrician didn’t even know we had been through everything had, she said you were perfect, but of course I already knew that.

So far you’ve been such a good baby for us. But I will tell you a secret, we do call you Hot Mess Express, you’ve peed and pooped on us, yourself, the walls, and your blankets more in your first two weeks than Roman has in 2 1/2 years, as a matter of fact I know of two times he peed on me…… you will hear about this later, stinker butt.

As I write this we’re watching Rikki and the Flash and you’re sleeping peacefully in my arms. I didn’t keep a baby book for you lol so I decided I would devote this post to you. Sorry buddy it has something to do with being the second child.

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