How My “Busy” Has Changed

I  have silently been cussing myself for not writing here. I have so much to say, so many ideas, but no time to actually write. I know that will change soon but I have to laugh when I look back at my busy life. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve always been a busy person. I thrive on chaos. In high school it was multiple sports, extra curiculars, and jobs. In college it was clubs, volleyball and 4, yes, 4 jobs at one time. After college it was three jobs, then back to four. Shortly before I had Roman I knocked it down to just three again before I decided that I could no longer do it all because I had a human being to take care of. I found time for everything I wanted and more. When I had Roman I felt like life slowed down for a long time. It was wonderful, I had all the time in the world to spend with my tiny baby.

Here we are now with baby Ryker, oh you sweet thing. I stay home, I have one part time job, I train a few clients, and I have a handful of things I do on the side as a free lancer. I’m home almost every day, so I have time for everything right? HAHAHAHAHA. Yeah um no. Since we had Ryker I really don’t sit down for my own rest time until about 9:30. I am a night owl so this gives me approximately two hours to do everything I want to do before I feed Ryker, except all I want to do is nothing at all, well that and drink Bud Light. I wouldn’t say I’m exhausted but I AM tired. I don’t want to think, writing here requires me to think even though I love it.

I find myself having these conversations with other women who are also busy, we are all just a different kind of busy. Kind of like the busy I was before kids. I sometimes wish I could slow down and enjoy Ryker like I was able to enjoy Roman, but I know this is a common symptom of the second child syndrome. I do my best but it’s definitely difficult when Roman is streaking through my house naked screaming “MOOOOOOMMMY” and roaring at my like a dinosaur. Ryker has been a wonderful baby despite me not having the time to REALLY sleep train him like I did Roman. He’s learning to self sooth very quickly, poor kid lol. He’s 2 months tomorrow and slept his first 8 hour stretch last night! Up until then he had been doing 6 or 7 which I was totally ok with it.

I hope I can get to all the post ideas I have written down soon, just need to find a smidge more time and a lot more energy.


I can say without hesitation I am BLESSED beyond measure and I am SO in love with these boys of mine, all 4 of them (I’m counting the furbaby).

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Laci Jane



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