My First Time with LuLaRoe… it was UH-MAZING

cassie skirtSo a couple weeks ago I started to dive in to LuLaRoe and all the yummy, buttery, colorful, crazy clothes that come with it. I had been a total skeptic for months. I tested out the leggings at a craft show in September. I stretched the thighs, I wanted to see if the fabric separated. Because as all of us thick thighed ladies know, when you put on leggings and you can see the fabric stretching it’s a real kick in the ass. Like I know my thunder thighs are big but these leggings just want to show the world HOW big, big enough that the you can’t see the design anymore just the stretched out white lines!!! I discovered LuLaRoe’s leggings don’t do that, okay you have my interest.

After that my interest in LuLaRoe was kept at bay because I could not attend any of the parties I was invited to. It wasn’t until my girl Jacque invited me to her online party that I decided ok who the hell are these people and what have they done with this company. Several hours later I found myself completely transfixed by the business model, in like ten Facebook groups, excited about trying something from their different lines of clothing and messaging consultants about how it all worked.

Next thing I knew I had two invoices in my inbox and a Cassie and OS leggings on the way (that’s one size  in case you weren’t aware).

So here she is in all her glory, my Cassie skirt!!!! I had so many compliments on her. It is hands down the most comfortable skirt I’ve ever worn. I wore it for 8 1/2 hours at work. I do A LOT of moving, it didn’t ride up at all. I wore my leggings the next day and they were wonderful!

Stay tuned, much, much more from LuLaRoe!

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