Target Runs and Chill with a side of Chaos

rolling stonesOkay so when I created this blog I actually went places. I went to work every day, went shopping on the reg, even went out with friends and my husband. BAHAHAHAHAHA not anymore. I do go to work 3 days a week so I definitely try and use that opportunity to flaunt my style. When I go shopping I have my boys in tow (and let’s be real you have to feel comfortable), “going out” with friends means staying at one of our homes watching the kids run around (likely in our jammies), and date nights with my husband have diminished. Not because we don’t want to, but because we feel guilty asking someone to watch BOTH of them when we already have to have someone watch them other times during the week. Do I sound bitter about it? Honestly maybe to a degree, but here’s the thing, I fucking LOVE where I am in life. Sure I’d like to go shopping more often without my kids and I would love to go out and get hammered with my friends but most of them don’t want to do that anymore —If anyone wants to go get hammered and shake their ass sometime soon, holla I’m down like 4 flat tires. Date nights are great and all but anymore we’d both rather just stay home and watch movies but it would be nice to do that kid less on occasion.

My style has changed drastically because I do not go to work every day. Many of the clothes I used to wear I’ve either sold or are in a tote in my basement. I wear leggings on the daily and I have become so obsessed with graphic tshirts. lol. I know I sound crazy but I am a sucker for a themed tee or tank.

I love winter because I love to layer, blame my Hollister days for that one. I threw this outfit together amidst my toddler trying to show me out to trim his nails with daddy’s fingernail clippers and while my baby refused to nap. What should have taken 3o minutes took me an hour and half… sigh….#SAHMpropz. By the time I got myself ready, chased my naked toddler through the house to clothe and get all the baby stuff in the car it was 11am. Shew.

This outfit was less than $50 and when I saw myself I went, “damn ok, okayyy”! Super stoked and you will see it again. I will never NOT love holey jeans, to me they will always be in style. My jeans were $5 at a resale shop, the vest was $10 from another resale shop (Express brand), the cute flannel was $15, and the tee was only $6 both from… DRUMROLLLLLLL Kohls!!! YES because shopping with deals only happens at Kohls and Target, at least around here.

I’ve got so many of these plaid flannel tops laying around right now all to match my tees. Check your closet, find your favorite tees and start shopping around for a flannel cover up. Easy, super stylish outfit ready in a snap.


#Realtalk, the dog is about 3 ft in front of me in this picture and my toddler is directly to my right standing on the kitchen table. I LOVE and fully embrace the chaos.

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