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12 Weeks Pregnant

So during the first 12 weeks, not a lot happened. It literally felt like time was DRAGGING on until the 8 week appointment when we were able to see our little JuneBug for the first time. –Side note here if you’re wondering how we came up with the nickname do some backward math from a […]

Announcement Time! JuneBug’s ETA is 3-1-14

I’m PREGNANT! ……..In all actuality it didn’t go quite like that we only told a select group of people we were pregnant and waited to announce it to the world.We found out we were pregnant just 2 days upon returning from a trip to Las Vegas. That’s right, mom of the year award right here! […]

Cheers, Here’s to 2014!

This blog has been a long time coming. For months and months I have contemplated re-visiting what first was considered an assignment for my class that I created in the summer of 2013. I lacked the time and the effort to actually dive into writing consistent posts. However, I knew that come 2014 I would […]