Dressing the Bump in the Spring

I’m 28 weeks pregnant in late spring. The last time I was 28 weeks pregnant it was December. Dressing the bump is entirely different and a lot more challenging when it’s warmer out. Most people would assume that summer would be easier but that is not what I have found. Maxi dresses, unless fitted correctly, make me look like a COW, all of my cute tanks that are flow-ier make me look like a COW, shorts.. ugh I don’t like wearing those anyways, and don’t even get my started on maxi skirts, I have not even seen maternity maxi skirts that look like they will fit cute. I can still do leggings and wide leg flowy pants with a form-fitting top, fitted maxi dresses, jeans and fitted tops, and I’ve got a couple high-waisted skirts that still look quite adorable. They won’t within the next 4 weeks when torpedo belly develops tho!

I really found that winter leggings, boots, and cardigans were far cuter and comfier than what I’ve tried to put together late spring. Plus, it seems as if dressing a winter bump is less noticeable, more subtle? With summer more skin is showing and I’m just not about showing off any extra part of my body lol, the belly is enough!

I’m not wearing maternity clothes this time either. I have nothing against them. I just like a good challenge and I want to try and spend my money on clothes I can actually wear again, not some I will sell for a quarter of the price at a garage sale or ones I will give away. Luckily my belly is still high so my jeans fit and it is TOTALLY possible to find shirts to wear that are not maternity shirts. In our area the selection is terrible anyways, stripes, stripes, and more stripes. Ugh let’s make us look bigger than we already feel, thanks but no thanks.

I’ve included just a few of my favorite outfits from the last several weeks of pregnancy. I haven’t posted as near as many because since I stay home now most days I’m just in my leggings and an old ratty t-shirt with no makeup. While I love you, I aint going to be sprucing up and trying on all my outfits and taking pictures just for ya’ll!! Other times when I am going somewhere I’m still trying to battle two dogs, a two year old and actually make it out the door on time.

Here are some outfits I was able to capture!

21 weeksAt 21 weeks pregnant I rocked my high-waisted black skirt with an adorable large bow belt. You know me and belts I think they are such an underused fashion piece. Makes your waist look skinny! Striped shirt but thank God it was vertical wouldn’t have worn it if it was horizontal.

At 24 weeks pregnant I found a tighter maxi dress from Target that is long enough to still give me length despite my growing belly. I pulled a royal blue chiffon 3/4 sleeve top over it, knotted it just abov24 weekse my belly and boom. Totes adorbs. You can purchase this dress online here, just follow the link. I’m 5’5 and this is an XS.

At 28 weeks I wanted to stay comfy when I went into work but still look cute so I pulled out my husband’s favorite khaki vest with gold buttons (he actually hates it, says I look like I’m in a marching band), paired it with a large statement necklace, plain off white V-neck and my wide leg black pants. Wish I would have 28 weeksknown you could see my ass through these pants…. I wore them for about 4 hours prior to going into work. I bet there were some real nice things said about the pregnant hoochie mama!!!! It would have been okay if my shirt was covering most of my rear but you know sometimes we forget to pull it down. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now except hope that someone enjoyed the view?? LOL. I had a lot of people from my Facebook page ask where I got 28 week selfitmy necklace. I assumed David’s Bridal would have it online still on clearance with some of the other necklaces I saw there but they don’t. It is possible your local David’s could still have it so run in and check to see.

I’d love to feature someone besides myself on this page! If you think you have great style or just love an outfit you put together while pregnant message me on FB or drop me an email and let me know! Links are always appreciated so someone else can run out and get a similar look.

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What Happened to Us?

cherry pieI found myself asking this question the other night after sat on my couch with a food belly (and baby belly) full of the most amazing cherry pie of my life. I had just gobbled down two pieces of pie, yes two, let’s just say the pie didn’t last long. It wasn’t gluten free either hehehehehehehe so the husband couldn’t eat it hehehehehehe.

If you’ve been reading my posts you know that in 2015 we moved three times and lived in four houses. Our first move of the year we were greeted on a crisp morning by three neighbor ladies who wanted to welcome us to the neighborhood, a little boy from a couple houses over who I can only imagine was looking for a playmate, and an older gentlemen from across the road who engaged my husband in about a thirty minute conversation about anything he could think up. To say we were impressed is an understatement. The welcome we received made our hearts full and it honestly was on of the reasons we did NOT want to leave the area. As a matter of fact a home popped up for sale in the subdivision recently and I won’t lie we considered and wished we could afford it.

Our second move was quick and painless. Things were so chopped up, part of our stuff was in two different storage locations, a lot was with us and some we kept at my parents house. This was the town we grew up in. We didn’t expect a welcome and we didn’t receive one. Maybe this is because everyone probably already knew who we were, our business and why we were staying there. Maybe it’s because welcoming neighbors to the neighborhood is a dying tradition. I don’t know.

When I reflect back almost four years to when we moved into our first home we did not receive a welcome either. I don’t want this to offend our old neighbors because TRUST me they were some of the best people we could ever have been blessed to live around. We got to know them over time and again, awesome people, but there definitely wasn’t a welcoming. I’m not upset with them or blame them for not baking me brownies or saying hello so don’t get me wrong. Besides, we are just as guilty! Shame on me, shame on us. Families moved into the area and not once did my husband or I go over and welcome them. I am so angry with myself for not going the extra mile but I hadn’t really thought about it until I had a belly full of delicious, red, oooey gooey, cherry goodness.

This pie and an accompanying flower were gifts from a “neighbor” who wanted to welcome us to the “neighborhood”. This is the only person of the surrounding homes who has even attempted to speak to us and she actually doesn’t even live near us. Again, I’m not upset with our current neighbors, heck I really don’t even know them, just the names because others have told us about them. If you are one of our new neightbors and happen to be reading this, I do love cherry pie and at this point in my pregnancy I would take pretty much anything you’d be willing to make, just saying 🙂

I think we really need to ask ourselves,are we so stifled by the screens we sit behind that we can’t even leave the house to welcome and introduce ourselves to neighbors? Do we lack the communication skills and confidence to strike up a conversation with someone new, someone literally right next door? It’s frustrating to me. We are better people than this, I know I am, and mark my words it will not happen again. Welcoming someone and introducing yourself is a far cry from being  meddling neighbor. I encourage and implore you to be that change in your own neighborhood. It feels really really good to know that someone cares enough about your new adventure in a new home and place that they want to stop by, say hello and congrats on your new home.I won’t let the chance to make a new friend pass me by.

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My Last Mother’s Day with Just You


So today was my last mother’s day as just YOUR mommy. Next year, there will be two of you and I have absolutely no idea how I could love another little boy as much as I love you. This is the third mother’s day that I’ve been bestowed with such an amazing honor, being your mommy. You’ve turned my world upside down.

A couple of months ago I sent a friend of mine a message asking her if she also went through a sort of betrayal feeling before she had her second child and she assured me that yes she had. I had just come off a rough couple months dealing with many emotions and cried several nights thinking about how much of my time I would be spending with someone new, time that I wouldn’t have with you. Eventually the feeling went away but as of late, it has resurfaced and my heart is literally torn and breaking.

I feel as if I am betraying you, that I have made you promises I won’t be able to keep anymore and that I have lied to you. I won’t be able to whisper in your ear that, “I love you more than anything in this world,” because while I do, I will love someone else just as much. I won’t be able to remind you that, “you’re the cutest baby in the whole world,” because while you still are I will also believe someone else is equally as cute. You will no longer have my undivided attention nor will you be able to take my hand and lead me to spend time with you and I drop everything to go.

I feel like I am suffocating sometimes, that I literally won’t be able to breathe because I know that at some point I am going to hurt your feelings and that you will feel like you aren’t as special to me. The mere thought of hurting you in any way is enough to put me over the edge. As I write this I’m short of breath.

While there will be so many happy times and you and your brother will have so much fun plotting against me with daddy it still doesn’t take away the feelings that I am having. How could I ever possibly love anything as much as I love you? They say that I will. There will not be anymore after your brother because while we only wanted two children anyways I literally don’t think my heart could take this kind of pain again.

You made my day in so many ways today, I am so blessed to have such an amazing, sweet and wild little boy. I wanted to cry with joy and sadness tonight when for the first time you acknowledged another member of our family without any prompting. We stood in the bathroom after brushing your teeth and daddy said, “who’s that!” and pointed to himself, you, me, Boo Boo, and Bubby, last daddy pointed at my belly and you said, “baby!” Oh how much the new baby will change our lives. Deep down I know that he will be another amazing blessing to our life but right now I can’t help these feelings that I am having and I plan to enjoy every last waking minute that I can proving to you just how special you are. You won’t be able to read this for a long time but I write it in hopes that you can truly understand someday just how much love I have for you that I can experience such pain at the same time as I experience so much love. I want you to always mothersday16_!remember that……

“never before in story or rhyme (not even once up on a time) has the world ever known a you my [sweet boy], and it never will, not ever again.”

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