12 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

So here we go again, had to go and get myself knocked up a little sooner than expected! Kidding, but no seriously, we weren’t planning on another one so soon but when God asks you to be a parent you do not ask any questions. I’m honored to be called as a parent again.

I am twelve weeks pregnant and will be using the same routine as I did with my first child with this one. Some things are bound to be different but so far much has been the same. The most major difference now is that I am fully aware of the condition I will develop as a result of this pregnancy, diastasis recti.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile or are subscribed to my youtube channel then you know what I am talking about, a separation of the abdominal muscles as the result of my expanding uterus.

I have worked SO  hard over the last couple of years to bring my abdominals back together from a 4 finger gap to almost a one (which is normal). On top of all of this I also have an umbilical hernia. I had not only asked my gyno if I had one but also my primary care both of which told me I didn’t! It was so obvious and apparent that I had one?! I had all the signs and symptoms. I will do a an entire follow up post on my hernia as it seems as if it is official now that I have one and will be having corrective surgery to have it fixed.

My stomach will never look like it did either flexed or unflexed. Of course I’m not 100% comfortable with the notion but I love what i have accomplished and the rehab that I have been able to give to my body after it gave me SO much with my son. I will have even more work to do after chickadee gets here because statistically diastasis always gets worse after the first one. I am definitely sensitive about both the hernia and diastasis bc only my husband and I know how hard I’ve worked to bring my stomach back together and the countless hours I’ve spent researching the condition.

I hope you will join me as I journey through this pregnancy and into rehab for the second time. If you think you may also have diastasis here is a video to self test. I would love to offer you any advice and provide you with some resources on how to get started rehabbing your diastasis. It’s NEVER too late to repair the damage.

Here we go!

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Bathroom Rennovation

My Tiny Terrorist


Don’t let the smile fool you!

Of course I’m not actually talking about terrorism silly. If you are a highly classified member of the NSA please move along, no secret stuff or wrong doings here. I’m just a mother raising a tiny two-year old terrorist and today he wore me out. Today i was tired and I took a nap when he did and it was fuckin glorious!

Raising a tiny two year old terrorist is hard work. Again, no I am not actually raising a terrorist, we love God and the good ol US of A. But in my home there is a tiny two year old that destroys or tries to destroy just about everything, climbs on to furniture, shoves mega blocks down my vents, puts monster trucks in the dishwasher, throws cars across the room into my brand new walls, beats the dogs with foam swords or pieces of my vacuum, climbs up the side of my cabinets pulling ink pens off the top and decorating himself in tiny toddler henna art. He screams at me for wiping off his hands, giving him a chip when he asks me for one, or looking at him when he does not want to be looked at (DUH mom). He attempts to unplug and plug things in, in an effort to earn a quick ride to the emergency room, throws a variety of objects down my stairs, plays in the toilets, scales the dining room table in a single bound to dance on for passing cars to see. This is not negligent parenting. I watch him do all of this you see, because I am almost always one step behind him as he runs screaming, crying or giggling through my home.

Therefore, yes in my home I have a terrorist, an adorable exploring terrorist with no political agenda or religious affiliations. He wreaks terror in my home and while it is 100% exhausting, I love every single minute of it. Of course I try redirecting him into more constructive things like learning the alphabet (HAHAHA yeah right) or disciplining him by sitting him in his chair. That’s always a real trip because my tiny terrorist tries to kiss me or say pease or sorry while sitting in his chair. How do I interrogate a terrorist with that kind of charm? It’s virtually impossible. There is no training for that, I operate daily like a Marine Special Forces Raider ready for battle and looking for danger behind every corner.

It’s hard work raising a tiny terrorist and some day I am going to miss every single exhausting minute of it but for now I’m just going to go ahead and rest up while he plots his next move in his tiny terrorist dreams.

I’m not actually comparing myself to a Marine Raider, obviously it was a joke meant to make people laugh (there’s always someone who gets their panties in a wad). We love and support our military and veterans to our last breath, thank you for all that you do 🙂

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A Nursery to Grow Up In


Behind the Scenes

I posted a video the other night to my Facebook page (watch it here), it was hysterical. My son totally photo bombed the video I was making, in fact it was going on for about a minute before I actually caught it and I didn’t realize it until after I was done, I was laughing so hard.

Anyways I posted the video and everyone loved it and some would potentially assume that somehow my workout session was all fun and games. However, I want to explain to you just how eventful that workout session was.

My intention was to begin with a warm up. Because our basement is so long my husband and I can really get up some speed and put in some nice warm ups by moving back and forth. as I began to warm up, Roman ran next to me. Great I said, he’s laughing, doing as I do, and most importantly he’s having fun. Five minutes in, I look over to see that dog number 1 just SHIT on my basement floor for the second time this week. The dog who’s been potty trained for YEARS got her little ass spanked then I had to grab my son by the hand as he screamed (bc he wanted to be downstairs and now we were going back up), drug my dog upstairs and put her in her carrier. I pick him up and run back downstairs with paper towel and clorox wipes to clean up her poop. Ten minutes later I begin to lift only to look over after my second set and see that dog number 2 has ALSO shit on the floor. This time I had no energy to stop my workout again so I found a box and covered it up. Swatted his big ol butt and then went back to work.

For the remainder of the workout I had to ensure that my son was not trying to sticking anything into the back of the TV, that he wasn’t trying to play in the dog poop under the box, that he didn’t completely piss off dog number 2 because he was chasing him around with his tiny shopping cart (thanks grandma ;), and to keep it fun for him. The last thing I want is for my son to think that workout time is ONLY about me. We encourage his participation and make sure to take timeouts so he knows we are still paying attention to him.

Are my workouts perfect anymore? Nope. Do they come with a ton of distraction? Absolutely. How do I still get in a good workout? Lots of practice and modifications. My husband and I also have started working out together so it’s two on one. Your child is not an excuse not to workout. We have one of the BUSIEST kids you can have and we make it work.

If you ever have questions or would like advice on how to make your workouts work around and with your children, message me! I would be happy to assess how you do things and offer some suggestions.

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Bathroom Rennovation

Here’s to 2016

NYLets just be frank, I am thoroughly embarrassed at how long it’s been since I’ve posted to my blog. It began with me just wanting to take the time to get settled in the temporary house while ours was being built, then I found myself just wanting to keep working through homework when I had the time so I could put my MBA behind me, then I found things with the new house picking up and I was running back and forth making decisions and wrapping up the build, then we had to pack, then we had to move, then…. Then the real fun began.

We moved in and have had a whole slew of issues with our new home. So much so that the positive bobble head that I am has become so incredibly stressed and frustrated it’s been very hard to see the positives lately. I always know my place, I know things can always be worse but damn we’ve had some bad luck as of late. Let’s say all of our furniture arrived from PODS covered in mice shit and piss and we had one make it into the house, the furnace stopped working within 4 days of moving in, and the master bath toilet leaked not once but twice through our floor and into our basement. Yes, all of this in our brand new house and all within the first 2 ½ weeks of moving in.

I had decided that I would take some time off from working out in October. I always take about a month off during December but felt that I needed to just take a break sooner this year and once we got moved in, in December, I would just start back up. Well, here it is almost January and I haven’t worked out in almost 2 months?!!! Who is this person? Well I understand where some of my negativity is coming from. When you aren’t in your normal habits you become a different person. I also haven’t had a workout AREA in almost a year. That was really beginning to get to me. I always loved the space designated JUST for workouts and nothing ever felt right after we left our first home. Don’t think for a second that I won’t get back at it, it’s part of who I am. It’s just that things have not gone as planned and I have honestly put myself on the back burner. That aint me, momma knows better than this.

Additionally, a couple weeks ago they found that my thyroid was enlarged and since then I have had an ultrasound done, seen an ENT, and an endocrinologist. I have to have a biopsy done to make sure it’s not more serious. Yeah, just a teensy bit stressed.

Oh but don’t cry for me ol faithful blog readers, I am fine. I am a strong person and I have this. Just feeling the need to whine a little bit because it’s my blog and I can cry if I want to.

I will be getting better and I will be posting more. This has been something I’ve always wanted to do, keyword is I and ME. I have to get back to the handful of things that make me feel strong, smart and beautiful. I don’t necessarily believe in NY resolutions but this is my goal for 2016, get back to being me. So here’s to the new year, whatever it may bring.

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A Nursery to Grow Up In

Call Us crazy…

Call us crazy, but guess what? We are selling our brand new home. We moved in 7 1/2 weeks ago and we have made the decision to sell our new house! We came to this conclusion after many conversations in our kitchen while I sat on the counter and he leaned against the fridge, while we walked with our son and dogs through the beautiful neighborhood, while my husband laid with his head on my stomach and I massaged his temples. We’ve felt a ton of emotions in the last few weeks and at first were entirely too worried about, really, what all of you would think. It hit me one day in the middle of the night while I was doing homework. I decided a long time ago to quit worrying about what others would think so this time was no different. This was our decision to make and ours alone. Who cares if we move out again, at least we aren’t entirely unpacked!

So let’s get one thing straight, there isn’t anything wrong with the house, it’s absolutely beautiful, it is located in an amazing spot with so much privacy. It just isn’t our house. You know when you get that feeling that something just isn’t right and you begin to doubt yourself? That was us and neither of us wanted to admit it. It’s simply not our forever home. Therefore, we have decided to build our forever home instead!

We are very excited and confident about our decision to do this. We no longer feel doubt or uncertainty like we did when we moved into this house. We hope that someone else will love this home and find their forever home in it. If you know someone who is looking be sure to share it with them!

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The Moment of Impact

Do you know what movie my post title is from? It’s from The Vow and I think about it often. Sometimes when I am out about about I experience them myself, other times I’ve witnessed them because I take the time to look for them.

In the last year I’ve experienced so many moments of impact that I am even having a hard time writing about them. The last year has changed me, I see it written all over my body like invisible scars. Others cannot see them but I can. Don’t get me wrong, this last year gave me the single most amazing blessing of my life, my son, but other than that I’d have to say this year probably aged me 5 years.

I’m not a stressed out person, I handle my life well and I can juggle multiple balls in the air at one time. I guess this last year caused me to give up in some ways. I’ve quit caring about a lot of things because I’m so exhausted from investing so much emotion into them.

In the last year I became a mother, dealt with a “body issue” which I’ve documented here, diastasis recti, I learned how to be a part time stay at home mom while also juggling a career at a very unstable organization, started back with classes in my MBA program where for 2 months I was taking two courses at once while also being the only person in my department at work for those same 2 months during one of the busiest times of our year. This was followed by my organization announcing its closure which would lead to my ultimate termination. However I was terminated almost 4 months sooner than I had expected and the next week we bought a house and listed ours. To our great surprise our house sold quickly so we bought and sold in 4 days. During all of this and during the holidays my husband, son and I were all sick for 3 months. I’m not kidding we were sick for a solid 3 months and couldn’t get it out of our bodies and home! I also became a stay at home mother who rarely leaves the house. My entire life has been flipped upside down and I’m trying to cope with a completely different lifestyle. There are other incredibly complicated issues that I was dealing with on  my own along with a family member that I will not disclose. One that I have really been dealing with for the last month and this one has taken a lot out of me emotionally and I think it’s what has caused me to be so fatigued and sick for the last week.

These were my moments of impact that have forever changed me and I feel like they’ve hardened me. I am not posting this as a woe-is-me, feel bad for me post and I am DEFINITELY not posting this because I think my life is terrible. I am blessed beyond measure and I thank God every day for the good days and even these moments of struggle.

I am posting this because often people see my Facebook posts and assume all is well. Well, it hasn’t been. I’ve been a ticking time bomb for months. I’ve tried to start clean again several times and put things behind me, I’ve tried to stay positive then I get overwhelmed again and it all starts to rain down again.

If you’ve taken the time to read this I hope you understand my forgetfulness and my inability to really connect, ultimately to many of you. I also hope you respect me for putting this out there and my ability to really hide most of what I’ve been dealing with because I literally HATE to talk about shit. I hate it. I am proud of myself because I have been pretty strong through these BIG life changes, these moments of impact but the opportunity costs (oh you bitch, Economics), the things I’ve given up or let fall by the way side along the way are nothing I am proud of. I did my best but I am hard on myself. If I could go back I would change a number of things and the way I may have handled situations.

I’m signing off, because it’s almost 11 and the sleep I haven’t been getting for months (almost 4-5 hours every night) is part of the reason I have also been struggling. No one is perfect, no one’s life is perfect. I always keep it real and in an effort to continue to do that for those of you who read my blog I am putting this out there. I’m working hard and trying to get out of this funk because I really do believe that everything happens for a reason. I am a positive person so I KNOW this year will be better I just have to keep moving forward. Thanks for listening.

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Healthy Weight Loss While Breastfeeding

Let me introduce to you a friend of mine and a trusted resource!

Amy Melton MS, RD, LDN
Returning to pre-pregnancy weight is a common interest among post partum women. Some women shed baby weight soon after delivery, motivating others to do the same. In reality, the goal for postpartum weight loss should be gradual and incorporate healthy food choices as well as physical activity as directed by a physician. Lactating moms in particular should follow specific guidelines to ensure mom and baby both meet their nutritional needs.
So how many calories do lactating moms need? The US Department of Agriculture recommends about 500 additional calories per day for most women who exclusively breastfeed. This would amount to 2,300 calories per day compared to 1,800 for a moderately active, non-lactating woman. These numbers are not intended to be an exact caloric recommendation. Factors such as height, weight and intensity of physical activity will also impact calorie needs.  Even higher intake may be necessary for moms who are underweight, exercise vigorously, or breastfeed more than one infant. In the latter cases, seeking professional health advice from a physician, registered dietitian nutritionist or lactation counselor is recommended. 
In addition to calorie estimation, there are also individual factors that help determine how much more or less nutrition intake is needed.  Instead of trying to make precise calculations, consider following intuition and tune into hunger cues. For instance, how one feels after eating too little calories or inadequate balance from carbohydrates, protein and fat coupled with breastfeeding and exercise will be noticeably different compared to feelings after adequate nutrition intake with breastfeeding and exercising. 
Eating a balance of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats will supply nutrients the body needs to feel satisfied, positively impact exercise performance and help function well with activities of daily living. A variety of free online tools are available to assist with making healthy food choices. ChooseMyPlate.gov , for example, is available to provide a daily food plan based on individual goals, weight, height, activity level, and breastfeeding methods (exclusive vs. supplemental). The plan also identifies food groups with a variety of suggestions on how to achieve a balanced diet. This is also a good tool to help plan ahead for meals while taking on a varied schedule with a new baby (or babies).
Last but certainly not least, drink plenty of fluids. With increased calorie needs, there should be an increase in water consumption. A common suggestion for a breastfeeding mother is to drink a glass of water each time she breastfeeds.
Montgomery, Kristen S. Nutrition column an update on water needs during pregnancy and beyond. J Perinat Educ. 2002; 11(3): 40–42.
US Department of Agriculture Dietary Guidelines. Available from: http://www.health.gov/DietaryGuidelines/(Accessed March 9, 2015).
US Department of Agriculture: Pregnancy and Breastfeeding. Available from:

I Used my Kitchen! Holy Shit

So I woke up  last week and thought hmmmm I want to be domesticated. I shall go on Pinterest and see what I want to do today. I decided on yogurt bites for my little man. I’m trying to keep my son’s foods simple. That means the list of ingredients has to be short and simple and things I understand. NO I’m not going to be the fit mom who doesn’t let their child have any sugar but he’s little, he doesn’t need sugar, he doesn’t need to get it on a regular basis so THERE.

I thought instead of using yogurt that has sugar, artificial sweeteners, etc. I would just use plain greek yogurt and add raw honey natural honey to it. Below are my steps to success and my cute, adorable, little man gobbling them up!!
Step 1) I used a small baking dish, covered in wax paper (not pictured), Plain Greek Yogurt, and Natural Honey. I used a small baking dish just because we didn’t have much room in our fridge and in the process of moving we do not have a lot of things for me to use that aren’t already packed. 

Step 2) I used a plastic baggie to form the bites. You can also do this with one of those things you squeeze out icing with. I have no idea what they’re called but my mom used to use one and I knew from past experience which she didn’t have one she would make due with a plastic bag.
Cut a tiny triangle out of the bottom corner. Mine was even just a bit too big. 

Step 3) Mix your yogurt and your honey together. This much made like 2 pan fulls
Step 4) Squeeze your little bites into the pan!
Step 5) FREEZE
Step 6) Mine froze in about an hour and were ready for eating

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The 15 Things I learned During my Son’s First Year!

     My God, it’s here….. my son is a year old. I kept a human alive for a WHOLE year [I live for the applause applause applause I live for the applause plause]. If you’re not clapping for me please do so. This year has been the single most incredible year of my life. It has changed me to my core and I have found an entirely new purpose to exist…to breathe. I never dreamt that I could love this much. That little boy has my whole heart for my whole life. 

     I wanted to share some of the things I’ve learned this year as a new mother.
1) Ask for help and accept it when it’s given. I had heard this but it wasn’t until day 2 that I realized I was going to need some help. I’d been sleeping terribly in a hospital bed from Tuesday-Saturday. By Sunday I was not only emotionally drained but absolutely physically exhausted and needed sleep. Over the course of those next couple weeks I accepted the offers my mom made for staying with us and the meals my mother in law made. Don’t be too proud to accept help. I welcomed it.

Also, sometimes it’s hard to talk to a close friend or family member when you’re down or confused, especially in the first couple month. I had two ladies, Lisa and Ashley who saved me one day while I questioned if motherhood was for me. Of course this was early on but it was so much easier to share the feelings I had to see if they were “normal”. They passed no judgment and were so patient and considerate while we hacked out the realities of being a first time mother. I looked at things completely different from that day forward.
2) I received the best advice from Grant’s sister Steph, “When things get rough just remind yourself to get through this next hour or this next afternoon, etc.” Roman was by NO MEANS a terror. He was an angel but in the beginning we were dealing with a reaction to the formula and he had gas so we would have crying spells. It didn’t last too long but there were times that advice kept me completely sane. She said that we would look back and look at the times we were stressed or the times we were completely clueless and laugh and we do. It’s such a small time period in the scheme of things.
3)  I literally thank God every day for my son several times a day. I can’t get enough of him and I know I am blessed to have such an incredibly beautiful and healthy child. Other parents aren’t that lucky and I want God to know that I am fully present and aware of the gift I have been given.
4)  Enjoy every moment. If there is one thing I can say that I did it was taking full advantage of every opportunity to hold him and look at him and soak up every ounce of my baby. Once he knew he could move he hasn’t slowed down much so the only time I really get to hold him is before I put him down to sleep. When you look at your sleeping child you become fully convinced that both God and angels exist. There is nothing like looking into the face of your sleeping baby. PERIOD.
5)  Don’t worry what other people think. I sleep trained my baby and he slept (and still sleeps) in a sack. People thought I was crazy and I knew they did. I didn’t give a flying $%&! He started sleeping through the night in his crib at 8 weeks old, has woke us up 3 times since the first night he started sleeping through the night  and all I  had to do was plug him and he went right back to sleep. My son naps like a hibernating bear several times during the day and he’s incredibly happy, strong an full of energy. I never lost sleep over my baby and I firmly believe it was the routine that we kept with him. I will write more about the sleep training (I used the book The Baby Whisperer) in another post and my infamous SACK!
6)  Trust your gut… if something doesn’t feel right follow your instinct. I didn’t think I had a motherly instinct but it turns out I do. Not exactly sure when God gifts that to you but it’s there and you will feel so proud of yourself when you realize you have it.
7)   If you’re lucky enough to still have parents around who can enjoy your child then be prepared for a special warm ooey gooey feeling when you watch your parents interact with their grandchild. For me it’s like mixing pride with accomplishment, and then topping it with a big thick layer of love. My parents and my in laws are absolutely AMAZING and Roman has no idea how blessed he is.
8)   You see this all of the time but it’s true, make sure you date your significant other through the whole process, go on weekend trips and leave the baby with someone. Don’t feel guilty about enjoying time together and getting away. You’re entrusting your little one with someone and they are going to enjoy your little baby just as much as your little baby will enjoy them and they won’t miss you, so go spend time together.
9)   Traveling with a baby is a bitch. The loading, unloading, bag 1, bag 2, spare bag 3, etc. It’s all so exhausting. I never hesitate to ask someone to come watch him for me when I need to go run errands. Aint nobody got time for all that shit so if you can find someone to watch your baby DO IT. Obviously I take Roman with me to but when I need to get in and out several times I ask for help. Don’t feel like you have to drag them all over the town just to get errands done. You don’t have time for that!
10)  I’ve learned that my style has changed. It was like I woke up one day and decided I wanted to dress a little more conservative. Not all of the time of course but it just seemed like I had entered a stage where I wanted to dress a little classier to match the way I felt about being a mother. It’s funny I didn’t choose to do this because I had BECOME a mother I did it because it felt right and I am very happy with this decision. You only have to push a child out of your vagina (or have them removed via C section for all of you troopers out there) to know that you grow up pretty quick. I feel more mature and I want to express that in the fashion choices I make. But like I said not ALLLLL the time. We all want to look sexy every once in awhile.
11)   Hand in hand with style is the retirement of long necklaces. Unfortunately due to the inquisitive nature of a baby and their obsession with pulling, yanking, eating, slobbering and breaking things I have laid my long necklaces to rest, at least when he is with me. Not only does he love them but they get caught on everything, it’s just a hassle.
12)   Please find the time to rearrange all cabinets and refrigerator spaces. Anything on the ground level should be made of plastic, cloth, obviously things that won’t poison them, choke them or break. Especially the fridge. A good rule of thumb is the 3 bottom shelves are fair game. My son is obsessed with the fridge. 
13)   Babies are ninjas… I don’t know what level quite yet but they’re really freaking fast. Like nimble sticky fingers that can grasp anything when you least expect it. They are also stealthy in tight spaces. Be on the lookout because they see all and hear all and they will attack in a moment’s notice or hurt themselves and you feel like a failure.
14)  They have perfected the art of pooping so that it doesn’t just fill their diaper it runs up their back even when they’re sitting straight up and down. Sometimes, if they’re feeling really gutsy they pee THROUGH their diaper and their pants but somehow the onsie in between those two layer isn’t wet at all. I demand myth busters step in here and explain this shit. It’s some voodoo if I’ve ever seen it.
15)  I will leave you with this, I’ve learned that babies aren’t so bad 😉 I spent years questioning and even deciding not to have a child at all. If I would have known just how much it would change me and just how absolutely incredible being a part was I would have done it sooner. People will tell you just like I am but there is and never will be any job more mind blowing, fulfilling, and surprising than being a parent.
     Good Luck new or expecting parents, may the baby Gods be ever in your favor. 

      Happy Birthday baby boy you are my little prince. Thank you for rescuing my soul and showing me all the good in this world. 

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      Laci Jane 

I Never Had a PlanB.. part 1

Wow… I  mean how do I really get into what I have been going through for the last few months in just a few short sentences to keep your attention so you don’t click off and go on to something or someone else? Oh I don’t know let’s start with this, I got back from maternity leave, they fired my boss, I ran an entire marketing department for a university by myself for almost 2 months (in August of all times), begin my MBA program again, decide I should take 2 classes at once (someone should have shot me), got new boss, threatened to quit because “I don’t get paid enough for this shit”, was convinced to stay, university announces they aren’t going to take any more students, they’re done with traditional programming, CAMPUS GOES BERZERK, campus announces layoffs effective May 31, 2015, get layed off early January 2015, buy a new house, lose my damn mind, the end.

Does that sound crazy enough? Like my head is still spinning. I thought I had life figured out. I had a plan and never had a plan b drawn up. What was the point? I loved my job, I loved the people (or most of them, except that one girl, UGH such a snooty drama queen, little gossiping bitch), and I loved being able to work with the students. I had no reason to leave until all hell started breaking loose. I never made much money, I actually made more than a lot of my peers but I never bragged about it because even what I made was laughable. I was there because my the students we recruited through our marketing efforts meant more to me than money and I woke up just about every day happy to go to work.

You’ll remember that I mentioned I threatened to quit. I did. My husband and I didn’t have a plan b I just threw it out there because I was so tired of being walked on and taken advantage of that I had just had enough. The love of my life told me he couldn’t handle me being so incredibly stressed out (I was working all day and all night most nights to get the work for the university done on top of homework, and caring for my mini me) and he’d had enough. Fuck this shit I’m done. Nothing will ever be worth a problem in my marriage. When the new gal convinced me to stay I was like meh ok, work on getting me a raise and I’ll think about it. Two weeks later all hell literally did break loose.

I won’t go into details, I shouldn’t and I’m bound by contracts. However, let me just tell you it was terrible. I cried for like 5 days and I don’t even cry. Our students were a mess, the professers and staff were pissed, the kid’s parents were LIVID, and the area colleges were rubbing their hands together saying, “alright, alright, alriiiight”. My Alma Mater just announced it was closing it’s doors. Because college’s close all the time right? I’ve still not accepted it, but it’s reality nothing I can do about it.

My husband and I started to work through a plan. He makes enough money with his career that we would be fine. I also had my income from Beachbody and we assumed that by May I could have that built up and it would really be bringing in a nice steady income and replace my old salary completely. Up until this point Beachbody was providing me about an extra $1000-$2000 a month without me really trying. Obviously it was worth a little extra time if I could increase that amount. I sent in my info to receive a substitute teaching license and we figured we would get started tightening up and by May we would be ready.

Well enter the next curve ball aimed straight for my face. Nope we’re done with you now! We don’t need you anymore [here I type things that could get me in trouble due to contracts *%^&*!@#$%*&%!@#!………#@!$%^&*?<!@!@#%^$#??{! ..] Alright back  to it. They fired me without any warning, they're real swell people.

There we were without a plan, definitely not with the same amount of income anymore and I was again back to square one. I got right into working on my Beachbody business more. I reached out to my upline coach, started reaching out to old customers and coaches, reading the news, going through a huge refresher of what I should be doing.

During that time we also decided it would be a good idea to buy a house. Makes sense right? Well it was THE house. The one we had been looking for since August 2014.. well not the EXACT one because that one was always about $30K more than what we wanted to spend but it was the house we plan on staying in. This all means momma bear needs to work a little harder, hustle a little more and get serious about Beachbody.

So there you have it, where have I been since my last sweet little post in January?? Trying to connect my dots and get my shit together. I know what by PlanB is now I just have to work on fine tuning it. My plan is no longer perfect and I have a PlanC and PlanD.

Take my advice and don’t live in your unicorn, rainbow, and billy goat land forever. Have a PlanB and if you’re interested in learning about my PlanB get a hold of me, I’m building a team currently and have room for you on the roster. I mean what else am I doing except deciding which leggings to wear around the house and if I’m going to wash my hair or not 😉  ??

Carpe the Hell Out of Your Diem–
Laci Jane