If I had been asked when I was 16 if I’d ever have a fashion sense I would have said, “Hell No”. I never knew how to dress in high school, I was actually kind of a tomboy for a while. I really didn’t care how I looked and I wasn’t very good at buying clothes. My senior year was probably the start of when I realized that I could make a statement, not by wearing name brand clothes but by buying clothes that other girls weren’t wearing. By college I was working at Hollister in the mall and that is when the obsession with clothes began. I blame it all on Hollister, but secretly thank them for opening my eyes.

I don’t want you to think that I have the answers to all things fashion because I don’t. I do not follow fashion trends AT ALL. I simply enjoy shopping and I’m humbled by the compliments I receive on my outfits when I am out and about. I stick to my mantra, I specifically TRY to look different than other people. When I post pictures of my outfits I am only doing it to give others ideas or because several people asked me where I got it. If I feel good in what I’m wearing, then you will see it on this blog. You may not think it’s cute, you may not think it’s different, and that’s okay. My husband calls me flashy, I just like to think I’m a a little bit unique…..

[There may not be a ton of posts on this page anymore since I’ve become a stay at home mom and only wear yoga pants and tanks all day]!!!!

Three things I have a ton of in my closet:

1) Heels (unfortunately you can’t see most of them in my pics….I will get better at that)
2) Belts – I’m in LOVE with belts
3) Jewelry – It will literally make or break your outfit

Fashion Posts: