I Used my Kitchen! Holy Shit

So I woke up  last week and thought hmmmm I want to be domesticated. I shall go on Pinterest and see what I want to do today. I decided on yogurt bites for my little man. I’m trying to keep my son’s foods simple. That means the list of ingredients has to be short and simple and things I understand. NO I’m not going to be the fit mom who doesn’t let their child have any sugar but he’s little, he doesn’t need sugar, he doesn’t need to get it on a regular basis so THERE.

I thought instead of using yogurt that has sugar, artificial sweeteners, etc. I would just use plain greek yogurt and add raw honey natural honey to it. Below are my steps to success and my cute, adorable, little man gobbling them up!!
Step 1) I used a small baking dish, covered in wax paper (not pictured), Plain Greek Yogurt, and Natural Honey. I used a small baking dish just because we didn’t have much room in our fridge and in the process of moving we do not have a lot of things for me to use that aren’t already packed. 

Step 2) I used a plastic baggie to form the bites. You can also do this with one of those things you squeeze out icing with. I have no idea what they’re called but my mom used to use one and I knew from past experience which she didn’t have one she would make due with a plastic bag.
Cut a tiny triangle out of the bottom corner. Mine was even just a bit too big. 

Step 3) Mix your yogurt and your honey together. This much made like 2 pan fulls
Step 4) Squeeze your little bites into the pan!
Step 5) FREEZE
Step 6) Mine froze in about an hour and were ready for eating

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The 15 Things I learned During my Son’s First Year!

     My God, it’s here….. my son is a year old. I kept a human alive for a WHOLE year [I live for the applause applause applause I live for the applause plause]. If you’re not clapping for me please do so. This year has been the single most incredible year of my life. It has changed me to my core and I have found an entirely new purpose to exist…to breathe. I never dreamt that I could love this much. That little boy has my whole heart for my whole life. 

     I wanted to share some of the things I’ve learned this year as a new mother.
1) Ask for help and accept it when it’s given. I had heard this but it wasn’t until day 2 that I realized I was going to need some help. I’d been sleeping terribly in a hospital bed from Tuesday-Saturday. By Sunday I was not only emotionally drained but absolutely physically exhausted and needed sleep. Over the course of those next couple weeks I accepted the offers my mom made for staying with us and the meals my mother in law made. Don’t be too proud to accept help. I welcomed it.

Also, sometimes it’s hard to talk to a close friend or family member when you’re down or confused, especially in the first couple month. I had two ladies, Lisa and Ashley who saved me one day while I questioned if motherhood was for me. Of course this was early on but it was so much easier to share the feelings I had to see if they were “normal”. They passed no judgment and were so patient and considerate while we hacked out the realities of being a first time mother. I looked at things completely different from that day forward.
2) I received the best advice from Grant’s sister Steph, “When things get rough just remind yourself to get through this next hour or this next afternoon, etc.” Roman was by NO MEANS a terror. He was an angel but in the beginning we were dealing with a reaction to the formula and he had gas so we would have crying spells. It didn’t last too long but there were times that advice kept me completely sane. She said that we would look back and look at the times we were stressed or the times we were completely clueless and laugh and we do. It’s such a small time period in the scheme of things.
3)  I literally thank God every day for my son several times a day. I can’t get enough of him and I know I am blessed to have such an incredibly beautiful and healthy child. Other parents aren’t that lucky and I want God to know that I am fully present and aware of the gift I have been given.
4)  Enjoy every moment. If there is one thing I can say that I did it was taking full advantage of every opportunity to hold him and look at him and soak up every ounce of my baby. Once he knew he could move he hasn’t slowed down much so the only time I really get to hold him is before I put him down to sleep. When you look at your sleeping child you become fully convinced that both God and angels exist. There is nothing like looking into the face of your sleeping baby. PERIOD.
5)  Don’t worry what other people think. I sleep trained my baby and he slept (and still sleeps) in a sack. People thought I was crazy and I knew they did. I didn’t give a flying $%&! He started sleeping through the night in his crib at 8 weeks old, has woke us up 3 times since the first night he started sleeping through the night  and all I  had to do was plug him and he went right back to sleep. My son naps like a hibernating bear several times during the day and he’s incredibly happy, strong an full of energy. I never lost sleep over my baby and I firmly believe it was the routine that we kept with him. I will write more about the sleep training (I used the book The Baby Whisperer) in another post and my infamous SACK!
6)  Trust your gut… if something doesn’t feel right follow your instinct. I didn’t think I had a motherly instinct but it turns out I do. Not exactly sure when God gifts that to you but it’s there and you will feel so proud of yourself when you realize you have it.
7)   If you’re lucky enough to still have parents around who can enjoy your child then be prepared for a special warm ooey gooey feeling when you watch your parents interact with their grandchild. For me it’s like mixing pride with accomplishment, and then topping it with a big thick layer of love. My parents and my in laws are absolutely AMAZING and Roman has no idea how blessed he is.
8)   You see this all of the time but it’s true, make sure you date your significant other through the whole process, go on weekend trips and leave the baby with someone. Don’t feel guilty about enjoying time together and getting away. You’re entrusting your little one with someone and they are going to enjoy your little baby just as much as your little baby will enjoy them and they won’t miss you, so go spend time together.
9)   Traveling with a baby is a bitch. The loading, unloading, bag 1, bag 2, spare bag 3, etc. It’s all so exhausting. I never hesitate to ask someone to come watch him for me when I need to go run errands. Aint nobody got time for all that shit so if you can find someone to watch your baby DO IT. Obviously I take Roman with me to but when I need to get in and out several times I ask for help. Don’t feel like you have to drag them all over the town just to get errands done. You don’t have time for that!
10)  I’ve learned that my style has changed. It was like I woke up one day and decided I wanted to dress a little more conservative. Not all of the time of course but it just seemed like I had entered a stage where I wanted to dress a little classier to match the way I felt about being a mother. It’s funny I didn’t choose to do this because I had BECOME a mother I did it because it felt right and I am very happy with this decision. You only have to push a child out of your vagina (or have them removed via C section for all of you troopers out there) to know that you grow up pretty quick. I feel more mature and I want to express that in the fashion choices I make. But like I said not ALLLLL the time. We all want to look sexy every once in awhile.
11)   Hand in hand with style is the retirement of long necklaces. Unfortunately due to the inquisitive nature of a baby and their obsession with pulling, yanking, eating, slobbering and breaking things I have laid my long necklaces to rest, at least when he is with me. Not only does he love them but they get caught on everything, it’s just a hassle.
12)   Please find the time to rearrange all cabinets and refrigerator spaces. Anything on the ground level should be made of plastic, cloth, obviously things that won’t poison them, choke them or break. Especially the fridge. A good rule of thumb is the 3 bottom shelves are fair game. My son is obsessed with the fridge. 
13)   Babies are ninjas… I don’t know what level quite yet but they’re really freaking fast. Like nimble sticky fingers that can grasp anything when you least expect it. They are also stealthy in tight spaces. Be on the lookout because they see all and hear all and they will attack in a moment’s notice or hurt themselves and you feel like a failure.
14)  They have perfected the art of pooping so that it doesn’t just fill their diaper it runs up their back even when they’re sitting straight up and down. Sometimes, if they’re feeling really gutsy they pee THROUGH their diaper and their pants but somehow the onsie in between those two layer isn’t wet at all. I demand myth busters step in here and explain this shit. It’s some voodoo if I’ve ever seen it.
15)  I will leave you with this, I’ve learned that babies aren’t so bad 😉 I spent years questioning and even deciding not to have a child at all. If I would have known just how much it would change me and just how absolutely incredible being a part was I would have done it sooner. People will tell you just like I am but there is and never will be any job more mind blowing, fulfilling, and surprising than being a parent.
     Good Luck new or expecting parents, may the baby Gods be ever in your favor. 

      Happy Birthday baby boy you are my little prince. Thank you for rescuing my soul and showing me all the good in this world. 

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      Laci Jane 

I Never Had a PlanB.. part 1

Wow… I  mean how do I really get into what I have been going through for the last few months in just a few short sentences to keep your attention so you don’t click off and go on to something or someone else? Oh I don’t know let’s start with this, I got back from maternity leave, they fired my boss, I ran an entire marketing department for a university by myself for almost 2 months (in August of all times), begin my MBA program again, decide I should take 2 classes at once (someone should have shot me), got new boss, threatened to quit because “I don’t get paid enough for this shit”, was convinced to stay, university announces they aren’t going to take any more students, they’re done with traditional programming, CAMPUS GOES BERZERK, campus announces layoffs effective May 31, 2015, get layed off early January 2015, buy a new house, lose my damn mind, the end.

Does that sound crazy enough? Like my head is still spinning. I thought I had life figured out. I had a plan and never had a plan b drawn up. What was the point? I loved my job, I loved the people (or most of them, except that one girl, UGH such a snooty drama queen, little gossiping bitch), and I loved being able to work with the students. I had no reason to leave until all hell started breaking loose. I never made much money, I actually made more than a lot of my peers but I never bragged about it because even what I made was laughable. I was there because my the students we recruited through our marketing efforts meant more to me than money and I woke up just about every day happy to go to work.

You’ll remember that I mentioned I threatened to quit. I did. My husband and I didn’t have a plan b I just threw it out there because I was so tired of being walked on and taken advantage of that I had just had enough. The love of my life told me he couldn’t handle me being so incredibly stressed out (I was working all day and all night most nights to get the work for the university done on top of homework, and caring for my mini me) and he’d had enough. Fuck this shit I’m done. Nothing will ever be worth a problem in my marriage. When the new gal convinced me to stay I was like meh ok, work on getting me a raise and I’ll think about it. Two weeks later all hell literally did break loose.

I won’t go into details, I shouldn’t and I’m bound by contracts. However, let me just tell you it was terrible. I cried for like 5 days and I don’t even cry. Our students were a mess, the professers and staff were pissed, the kid’s parents were LIVID, and the area colleges were rubbing their hands together saying, “alright, alright, alriiiight”. My Alma Mater just announced it was closing it’s doors. Because college’s close all the time right? I’ve still not accepted it, but it’s reality nothing I can do about it.

My husband and I started to work through a plan. He makes enough money with his career that we would be fine. I also had my income from Beachbody and we assumed that by May I could have that built up and it would really be bringing in a nice steady income and replace my old salary completely. Up until this point Beachbody was providing me about an extra $1000-$2000 a month without me really trying. Obviously it was worth a little extra time if I could increase that amount. I sent in my info to receive a substitute teaching license and we figured we would get started tightening up and by May we would be ready.

Well enter the next curve ball aimed straight for my face. Nope we’re done with you now! We don’t need you anymore [here I type things that could get me in trouble due to contracts *%^&*!@#$%*&%!@#!………#@!$%^&*?<!@!@#%^$#??{! ..] Alright back  to it. They fired me without any warning, they're real swell people.

There we were without a plan, definitely not with the same amount of income anymore and I was again back to square one. I got right into working on my Beachbody business more. I reached out to my upline coach, started reaching out to old customers and coaches, reading the news, going through a huge refresher of what I should be doing.

During that time we also decided it would be a good idea to buy a house. Makes sense right? Well it was THE house. The one we had been looking for since August 2014.. well not the EXACT one because that one was always about $30K more than what we wanted to spend but it was the house we plan on staying in. This all means momma bear needs to work a little harder, hustle a little more and get serious about Beachbody.

So there you have it, where have I been since my last sweet little post in January?? Trying to connect my dots and get my shit together. I know what by PlanB is now I just have to work on fine tuning it. My plan is no longer perfect and I have a PlanC and PlanD.

Take my advice and don’t live in your unicorn, rainbow, and billy goat land forever. Have a PlanB and if you’re interested in learning about my PlanB get a hold of me, I’m building a team currently and have room for you on the roster. I mean what else am I doing except deciding which leggings to wear around the house and if I’m going to wash my hair or not 😉  ??

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Laci Jane

If I Fall Off the Face of the Planet Tomorrow

I sure hope I don’t fall off the face of the planet tomorrow but if I do will my husband be able to run our home? Now let me get things straight here, my husband is an amazing father who does everything I do with our son and he helps me out in every way with our home. I say help me out but we really are a team.

However there are just a few things that I run in our home that my husband simply doesn’t take care of I pay all the bills, keep track of our finances (even though we do have separate accounts, trust me if you don’t it’s wayyyyyy less stressful on your marriage), medical information, health insurance, these are just what I can think of at this hour.

Anyways whether it is the husband or wife do you keep each other informed as to what you’re doing? Do you have things written down to make it easier on them so they know what’s going on if something happens to you? I have a notebook I write down things in so my husband would know where I keep this or that or why I do things a specific way.

Today I learned that in order to visit an after hours medical clinic we would need a referral from the after hours telenurse so our insurance will cover it. Something seemingly super easy but it sure would save my husband stress and time if I were to write that down for him AND make sure I tell him about it so he could take care of that if I were ever not around.

Ask questions, write down tips and tricks, and communicate to inform one another. Keeping it all to yourself is only going to do more harm than good.

 I feel like I should have on glasses, smoking a cigar with a fireplace behind me as I give this advice lol. Instead I’m sitting here with my alma mater’s tshirt on, striped pajama pants, fluffy ugg house slippers, surrounded by tissues, a snotty nose and a dog on either side….one wearing my sons teether as a necklace 😐

And so it goes….

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Laci Jane

The Most Simple Shelf EVER

So since we’re outgrowing our home I had to get creative with how to arrange the living room. This also meant putting holes in the wall so we could get our TV off of the floor and mount it, this was not something I have wanted to do at all.

I had a small TV stand in the corner the TV sat one along with 3 crates stacked on the floor to serve as decoration space. Well I decided to add to those crates and create an entire shelving area that I could put decorations on under the TV. It’s also nice because since it is situated in a corner we can put stuff behind it and you don’t see it 🙂

I had the same stain that I used on the first 3 crates which just so happen to be the 3 on the bottom of the shelf. So we stained the other 5 crates to match and then just screwed them all together so it could be moved as one unit.

The entire project probably only took about an hour if you don’t include stain drying time. I picked up the additional crates at JoAnn Fabric who was running sale of 50% off of crates. I think I got each crate for like $8 or $9 and I got the first 3 at Michaels with my 40% coupon.

Stupid easy I promise or I wouldn’t have even thought or attempted to do it! Hurry get to the stores to get your crates and stain and make the same project! Let me know how yours turns out.

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Laci Jane

My Journey After Pregnancy – – Dealing with Diastasis Recti

I haven’t written for awhile and there is a perfectly good reason. First of all I started taking two classes at the same time for my MBA which has consumed so much of my time I have barely had a social life. Secondly, I found out I would be losing my full time job next year because they were closing the facility. Needless to say it has been pretty stressful around here. So there is a brief summary of why I have been doing.

This is going to be a relatively long post, but I assure you that if you bear with me you will have a better understanding of what I have been dealing with post-pregnancy and maybe even be able to diagnose yourself with it and get help!

To make somewhat of a long story short I will let you watch my explanation of the condition in a video I posted to my YouTube channel. Essentially I have Diastasis Recti which is a separation of the abdominal walls. I noticed it during pregnancy long about 20 weeks and researched the topic so much that by the time I had Roman I knew I was going to have to fight it. I read that I had actually made my condition worse during my pregnancy particularly during the first trimester while I was working out (if you are a mom to be make SURE you read about how you can make it worse). In August of 2014 I finally realized I couldn’t do it by myself, researching the internet. I enlisted the help of a local Physiotherapist who specializes in women’s health she changed my entire concept of what was actually going on in there.

Basically what happens with Diastasis is that the transverse abs weaken during pregnancy and pull apart, post pregnancy they are very weak and usually don’t go back to normal without some intense rehab. About 90% of women actually suffer from this but don’t even realize it. You can test for it, there are numerous resources out there so that you can learn the proper way to see if you have it. If you have a lot of belly fat you should still be able to tell if you have it. Because I’m very lean mine is very very obvious when I show people what I’m talking about.

Here is a picture of Diastasis from the MutuSystem website. It shows you how it works. My Physiotherapist explained that the reason my pooch was so pronounced by lunch was because the rectus and transverse act as a corset and my transverse weren’t doing their part, allowing my innards, for lack of a better word, kind of come spilling out between the open space around my belly button.

By strengthening the transverse walls you can close this gap but it does not guarantee you won’t still see a pooch. I’m proud to say that I have closed my gap A LOT but I do still have a little pooch. My husband says I am crazy but I have been very passionate about this topic and trying my hardest to to do all that I can, therefore I will have no regrets.

I looked at it like this, I have done the best I can to heal my Diastasis and as long as my body is healing I feel confident about my progress whether I have a pooch or not! Roman is worth every inch of extra bulge!

So here is some more good news, not only have I reduced my gap but I have also lost 8lbs since I had Roman. I am actually BACK TO MY HIGH SCHOOL weight?!! I haven’t weighed 125lbs since my senior year. I have been hovering around 133 since college. I have done 2 rounds of Chalene Extreme and I am absolutely loving the strength gains that I have received. The first round I added Turbofire with it, the second round I added T25. Please see my before and after post HERE. I have a lot to say about before and after photos. I have included them here explaining the areas I want you to look at. The one on the left is my before taken in May would which have been give or take a couple months after pregnancy. The one on the right was taken about a week ago give or take 8 1/2 months after pregnancy. Notice the difference in the area around my belly button. I have lost a lot of my pooch and my stomach is much more taut, but some still remains when I am not flexed.

In this picture I am testing my gap, it is kind of difficult to see what I’m talking about but in the area near the arrows you can see how deep my belly button is settled in the first one. You can also see how the rectus abs start to come back together again in the second picture. It doesn’t appear to be a very noticeable difference I’m sure, but there is one trust me! The gap used to be close to three fingers wide and now it’s half of that about one and half and some days just one! That’s probably about as good as I will get it. But you can bet your ass I will keep trying.

If you are a new mom like I am it is very important to get your Diastasis healed or at least reduced because after baby number two and so forth it will get harder and harder to fix.

In the videos below I have included some of the exercises that my therapist worked with me on. I will never be able to do supine ab work ever again but there are ways around that.


That’s really all I have. It is my story thus far dealing with something that most people didn’t even realize existed. I share my story to help others and to make people more aware of this issue. I ask you to share this post with other moms so that they can look into whether or not they have it or for moms to be so that they can be aware of how to keep Diastasis from getting worse. 
I’m always available if you have questions, but the important thing is to research it. The information is out there!! Pleas let me know if you need anything. 
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Laci Jane

The Truth about Before and After Photos

So I was inspired by a post called Transformation Tuesday I’m Calling Bullshit from Snack Therapy, Her post was spot on (go read it…after mine of course). There is a lot of false advertising with before and after photos. I see it a lot as a Beachbody coach. Of course, I see a ton more that are true, motivating, inspiring, and are the result of pure determination and hard work. The problem is, how do you tell the difference? With filters, photoshop, and editing apps, changes in lighting, etc. someone who is already fit can really make themselves look like they experienced astonishing results. I really don’t post a lot of before and afters on my FB page and I try to be completely transparent when I have. When you choose to try and be a motivating force in the health and fitness industry, whether you are a speck of dust like me or if you are all over TV like Jillian Michaels or Sean T, you have a duty to tell people the truth and not try and falsely promote yourself just to make a couple bucks.

I’ve never understood how someone can justify posting a picture of themselves when there have literally been almost zero changes, nothing so overwhelming that you need to post a before and after photo. I wanted to share Casey’s post with you and acknowledge that my before and after photos from my 2 rounds of Chalene Extreme are NOT anything mouth dropping. In fact, some of you may look at them and not notice any changes. The only reason I’m sharing them is to tout my own success (which I’m so proud of) of closing my Diastasis Recti. You can read that post here. I also happened to lose 8lbs and come down to a weight I haven’t been since I was a senior in high school. All of this while I made incredible strength gains.

The point of this is to not just look at a before and after picture and assume “all results are typical” or that the individual did nothing else during the program than THAT program, there may have been additional time spent in a gym or doubling up of workouts along with supplements, etc.

There are SO many true stories and I have many customers and friends that have gotten great results with Beachbody, but do your research and don’t believe everything you see just because someone tells you it’s true.

Here are the photos I mentioned:

These pictures were taken after pregnancy and I worked out my entire pregnancy. My body of course is not my “normal” in photo on the left. My “normal” is on the right and I am so happy I’m back.

One of the left is my before back in May about 2 months after I had my son and the one on the right was taken just a couple days ago. I tried to use similar lighting even though that was hard bc the lighting in our house SUCKSSSS and it was spring on the left and winter on the right. I came pretty close. I’m about a day tanner (my husband spray tans me) on my right. The primary differences in this picture is in the area around my belly button. I was able so lose belly fat and close my Diastasis so that I don’t have a noticeable pooch. I am flexed just like I am in the right picture. I have a ton more definition in my arms and I feel like I lost a bit of extra from my face. Of course that could also be attributed to mommy hormones (good GOD those are bad). I’m actually super surprised I don’t see more of a difference in my legs since I started squatting heavy over the summer but ehhh I’ve never liked my legs lol.

Here is the photo from the back. I realized I wasn’t super flexed when I took these photos back in May. My back has always been pretty ripped out. I attribute a lot of that from being a swimmer for like 10 years, I never really lost that mass. HOWEVER, because I couldn’t really squat much during my pregnancy in the third trimester at all and then having an additional 6-8 weeks where I took it easy when doing lower body my bootay took a hit. All of those squats paid off tho!! Loving my lifted bootay on the right!! Hells yes. There is also some extra definition that I know I didn’t have in May in my shoulders that I have now, that of course is from all the lifting with Chalene Extreme. I have really strengthened my shoulders over these last few months. They have been weak for awhile after experiencing a shoulder injury two years ago. 
I wanted to make sure I explained my photos because at first glance you may have just assumed WOW look at all that new definition in her back. I could have slipped that one past the average Jane. Nope my back looked a lot like it does now back in May.  
Now that you’re done with my post go back up and read the one I mentioned she makes so many great points! If you want to hear more about Chalene Extreme or Diastasis Recti contact me! 
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Laci Jane

I had a baby 6 months ago, MIND BLOWN

I can’t believe I’m sitting here watching my 6 month old son try and figure out how to crawl while my husband chants, “you can do it Romie!” About 6 months ago he was still in my stomach and we were anxiously awaiting his arrival. The things my husband and I have learned! The things we look back at and laugh about already. The things we would change if we could go back and a few things that we wouldn’t. The love that has consumed us for our son, it’s all mind blowing and I know the moms and dads who read this totally understand what I’m saying.

One of the things that I wanted to share but kind of forgot about until recently when I downloaded some photos on to my computer was about 3 items that were lifesavers for me in the hospital. I saw a picture that I took of one of them and it reminded me I had never posted this information on my blog!

So here are 3 things that may be out there on other lists but I didn’t have them on my own when I prepared my hospital bag. I was in the hospital for a total of 4 nights and 5 days. Roman did not have anything really wrong with him but he had a feeding issue which he still struggles with even now! Doesn’t slow him down at all but it kept us in the hospital a little longer than other babies.

ANYWAYS here are my 3 useful items that I think women should know about because they were lifesavers for me. Men…..ehhh you could be grossed out so you may want to go back to your regularly scheduled internet surfing.

1) Underwear- yeah I know what you’re probably thinking, no brainer right. Just listen to me. So most of those lists you hear women talking about these ugly weird mesh panties that the nurses give you to wear and that you end up with ice packs in your underwear to keep swelling down, etc. Most women suggest not even taking underwear bc of course they’re just going to get bloody and gross. Well here is how I used mine. I had Roman on a Wednesday night and Thursday when I got up I thought damn, these mesh underwear have no support and I feel like I have a weight between my legs bc of this ice pack which is hanging down between my legs and not even on the area it is supposed to be on to reduce swelling.

One difference for me was that Roman was in the nursery the entire time so I was not confined to my bedroom I was up walking around allllll day with visitors and going back and forth from the nursery to my room so lots of walking/waddling.

By lunch time I thought I bet if I put on a pair of my underwear OVER my mesh undies and this icepack pad it will keep it up and in place better. VOILA! It worked! All of the granny panties I had bought to have and wear around post pregnancy were black and navy blue and they had a little bit of spandex in them. Seriously they were so helpful so I had Grant go back home and get the rest of them so I had plenty on hand at the hospital during my stay.

2) These are kind of a no brainer with little explanation needed as to why they were amazing but I didn’t see them on any Pinterest or blog lists. Always feminine wipes!!! OMG so refreshing didn’t have to worry about using that weird bottle thing to squirt myself with, they were cool, and most importantly they helped me feel clean. I used them so much post pregnancy as I was healing, wonderful.

3) A FAN!!! Obviously if you don’t sleep with a fan at home this may not be on your list. But I sleep with a fan at home and the hospital was so incredibly noisy at night and they come in at weird times to poke and prod on you. I had Grant bring mine for the last 2 nights I was there and it made a world of a difference. This is the one we take with us when we travel places so I just put it on a table right next to my head while I slept and it drowned out the hospital sounds and allowed me to rest.
Okay, those are my tips for things you could add to your hospital bag. Let me know what kind of things you thought were life saving that maybe you didn’t see on any lists anywhere. I get a lot of messages from new mommas so help each other out!

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Laci Jane

Laying In Dark Rooms With Babies

It’s been 30 minutes since I laid my son down and I’m still sitting here with goosebumps trying to figure out at at what point God decided I should and would be a mother. Like, had he known all a long that he had created me for this, to be Roman’s mom or was this sort of a spur of the moment….”oh let’s just see what she’s got” decision.

I’m in awe every day of my son. I literally wake up each day knowing that if nothing else in my world goes right there is one constant, Roman. He lights me up in a way that nothing else ever has. There is no doubt about it, I have found my purpose in life and that is being his momma. 

Recently he’s become somewhat bored with his “younger” toys and decided we need to step up our playtime routine, well that’s how I see it anyway. Therefore, I took to Pinterest for ideas on what I could do to engage him. Tonight we laid in my room on my bed together, our attention on the ceiling as I made shapes with a small flashlight. His little cherub face lit up as I changed the shapes, moved it around, and turned it on and off. I found myself in such an intimate moment with my son, his tiny little fingers interlaced with mine (something he discovered last night how to do) and I knew I would remember this moment for the rest of my life. I wish I could have pushed a button in his tiny mind so that he could hold on to it to, but I’ve looked before and can’t find it, so for now I will just stow them away to share with him later. 
Wondering why I chose to write about such a special moment between my son and I? Well I assume part of it is the fear that I would end up like Paige in the Vow at some point and not be able to remember part of my life. Another part of me just wanted to document a day in my life of learning to be a mom to such an amazing little human being. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t feel like the luckiest woman alive. 

Losing Weight isn’t Rocket Science!

Diet + Exercise = weight loss

Simple right? It should be. but everyone wants to drink protein shakes, reduce their calories, eat gluten free, paleo anyone? See here’s the problem with these, you don’t necessarily teach yourself how to eat in a way that you can maintain long term. I’m not saying that any of the methods I mentioned are wrong but the reality is they are hard to stick with. A diet is a diet, is a diet, you see? Diets are easy to quit, they’re easy to fall off of when you go out of town.

Well we don’t want to diet. Who the hell wants to “diet”. Don’t we all want to eat the foods that we love in portions that can be maintained? YES!

I’m not going to claim to be an expert on nutrition and “diet”. I’m just here to tell you that if you can teach yourself how to eat, what to eat, and when to eat you’re going to be on the fast track to losing weight as long as you are adding exercise in there along with it.

Once I lost my baby weight I started pushing to see if I could lose any more. Lo and behold 3 weeks later I lost an additional 5lbs (my progression pictures are on the left)!! I haven’t been this weight since 2011. I didn’t starve myself or follow some crazy diet. I still had a cheat meal once a week and I ate the foods I enjoy along with my Shakeology. I just planned when I would eat my foods during the day.

The Shakeology is the one easy thing that I do. It took me several months to even try it and I didn’t drink it until they came out with a flavor and formula I enjoyed. I couldn’t imagine drinking my meal but for someone who is on the go ALL the time I need to make sure that I am not only getting in all of my meals but that I am getting the vitamins and minerals my body needs to function at maximum  performance. No, it’s not a protein shake. Shakeology is incredibly nutritious and has all of it’s daily servings of fruits and veggies. The two reasons I drink it,

1) It takes the guesswork out of one meal a day, it’s done, it’s wonderful for me and I don’t have to plan that meal

2) It keeps me regular. Let’s talk about poop BAY-BE. I have always pooped like 3-4 times a day, YES that  much. I had this friend growing up all of my life that would poop like once a week?! Whaaaaat? I had no idea what that was like. Since I started drinking shakeology I have one bowel movement a day. Finally no more long spells sitting on the toilet coming up with my next great idea. This is the primary reason I drink it.

Shakeology is only a piece of my puzzle, it’s not a diet scam.  It’s basically my daily dose of nutrition and it keeps me from popping some vitamin that I will probably poop out sometime during one of the 3 or 4 poops I might have if I wasn’t drinking it. Enough about Shakeology.

Here’s what I’m offering, if you will let me, I will help you rearrange the foods you are eating so that you can teach yourself to eat the right way. Let’s get this straight I will not write out a plan for you and tell you exactly what to eat. You will give me an idea of what you want to eat and I will help you fit it in to your plan even if it involves a cheeseburger and french fries (disclaimer: you will only get to do that once a week :).

Send me an email at fitness.fashionista.blogspot@gmail.com to get started. Friend me on Facebook and message me there! Anyone who finds and shares my blog post on Facebook or Pinterest will be entered to win the new Piyo program from Beachbody.

Piyo was created by trainer Chalene Johnson, the mastermind behind Turbo Jam and TurboFire. She has written books, does seminars, and video training and has appeared on numerous television shows. She is one of my idols and helped me get into the best shape of my life. You can read more about that here.

The Piyo program is a blend of Pilates and Yoga. You will use your body weight to perform low-impact, high-intensity movements and in the process every single muscle will be stabilized, stretched, and strengthened. There are no jumps, no weights and it is designed for anyone from beginner to fitness professional.

You can watch a video about Piyo here to see if you’re interested!

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Carpe the Hell Out of Your Diem–
Laci Jane