Staying Active During Pregnancy- Weeks 39 & 40

Week 39 didn’t make it in the Final Four Post but hey let’s just blame it on me being pregnant?? Anyways I really cannot believe I’ve made it 40 weeks. I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to have taken this journey with my little boy and stay as active as I have. My workouts never got harder, it just became increasingly interesting to maneuver around a belly bump!

Still doing long cardio blocks so both of these days I did Insanity. When I finally hit the 40 week mark I decided to just start taking it easy. I mean I really have nothing left to prove to myself. I’ve had some developments in the pregnancy and decided until he gets here it will just be very low impact with some weights. Hoping to simply get the heart pumping and moving! Remember if you ever have questions or want help, I’m here for you!




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Bathroom Rennovation

It’s no surprise that my pregnancy inspired me to make some rennovations around the house, some would call that nesting. I personally called it, “my husband and I decided we didn’t want to move into a new home so Laci decided she would make herself more comfortable in her home”. With that said the new baby’s arrival was going to have a significant impact on my closet room, ya know the one room some of us women expect to have in a house? It contained all of my shoes, heels, and it was my dressing room. I was spoiled with this room for far too long! Here I was standing in a sea of pink and black trying to decide how in HELL I was going to find a place for all of my girly stuff and make room for this little boy who would be taking over my sanctuary. WELL my answer was by kicking my husband out of our room and putting all of his clothes in the guest room, placing mine in our bedroom and then moving some of it into the bathroom. I still wanted that ONE special little spot for me to feel beautiful and sparkly. Here are pictures of the room once we first moved in…

This fall (2013) I started to put my ideas for my bathroom into play. I had already painted it grey and had the black, white, silvery, and sparkly accessories. It was really just a matter of making it all functional and give me some more space. 
I’ve looked through my pictures and I actually can’t find a before picture but the cabinets were standard builder grade and the mirror was just that a flat mirror on the wall. It needed help!! 
I did a lot of Pinterest research about how to paint the cabinets and what would work best I saw a lot of ideas about the type of paint but I actually just went to lowes and asked them what would be best to use. They told me to just get kitchen and bathroom paint which is what I did. I used 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of black. I’m extremely messy so it was all over my floor (use a drop cloth lol). I got the cheapest hardware I could find and totally resisted spending $10 a piece on sparkly pieces. I mean what if the next inhabitant isn’t quite as sparkle friendly as me?? 
The other part of this redo was framing the mirror. My dad is like a beast at home improvement projects. He went with me and we found some plastic pieces that he sanded and I painted black. Then we used the corner pieces (that were wood) and glued them to the mirror! VOILA! It took him awhile to figure this out and if you want actual details on what we used I can let ya know. I added the Christmas lights for a soft effect and they’re on 95% of the time because I love the feel in there. Especially while taking baths listening to my Civil Wars station on Pandora 🙂

One of the simplest pieces I created (my own idea) was the HERS sign on the wall. This was so easy and super cheap. I got the crown and the letters from Hobby Lobby (you’ve seen them if you frequent Hobby Lobby often) they’re actually gold. I spray painted all of the pieces silver. Then, I found a black photo frame at Dollar General for $2. I took it apart and spray painted it silver to. Then I tried to decide how I would make the letters stand out and look 3D on the frame without glass. So I headed back to Hobby Lobby and they hooked me up with some really thick, black, matting board and I glued the letters to it! Then I just hung the frame, figured out where to hang the crown so it overlapped the frame and my project was complete.  Easy Peasy!
To be honest I could have just purchased shelves and made it a hell of a lot easier on my dad but the problem was finding something with some width that would hold all of my stuff! So my dad just made them from supplies we found at Menards. They turned out great and are wide enough to hold pretty much everything I wanted to show off. 

The bottles! Now this was a total Pinterest steal. Here is the link to the original pin that I found. Her setup is totes adorbs but I like mine to 🙂 I just scoured Meijer for cute bottles, slapped some mod podge on the bottom and then poured glitter all over them. 

The last part of my project was finding somewhere to hang all of my jewelry. I’m sure it won’t take long for my son to figure out where these are and start pulling them down buttttttt in the meantime it will hang here, behind the door, out of sight but very visible to me. LOTS of choices. I have more underneath the sink but I don’t wear it much!

 Thanks for stopping by and checking out my first DIY post! Send me questions if you have them 🙂

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Staying Active During Pregnancy – Can’t Believe We’re in the Final Four!

I literally cannot believe that I am typing I’m in my final four weeks, mind you NOW I’m actually starting my 39th week so I’m even closer?!! What am I going to do with this tiny little human that God has blessed us with. I literally have no idea. Anyways back to the task at hand. In my last few weeks of pregnancy I have been very active. Because I coach cheerleading my workouts were harder to get in during January because we had so many games but through February it’s been a lot better. I’ve been focusing on longer cardio sessions since labor and delivery could last awhile. I’ve slowed down with my weights but I’m still doing them twice a week now. I’ve only had one day where my feet kind of swelled up but it was a BAD day with foods and I didn’t work out that day. I got them up, iced them and they were down by the time I went to bed. Next day, no issue. Below are a few of the videos I’ve shared on my YouTube channel. The first is a weight workout I got pretty sidetracked during. My dogs are the best workout partners ever!!


The next workout was at 37 weeks pregnant and I did Turbofire 45, I LOVE that workout, so much fun. Still really surprised my balance isn’t an issue because so many women say it is but I guess that is what happens when you continue to stay active during pregnancy. I’m pretty agile still 🙂


If there is one workout I hate it’s Insanity!!! I literally have always loathed doing his workouts. However they are great if you need some long cardio with an intense calorie burn. I definitely have to watch my heart rate with these workouts and sometimes walk away and do a lap to come back down but I get right back into it!


Thanks for visiting! Let me know if you have questions or want my help getting started with a Beachbody program.

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The Final Four Fashion Weeks

Wow! Where did I go? Wrapped up my final weeks as cheerleading coach and back at it with a few more blog posts. I wanted to share some of the outfits I’ve been sporting recently. Still rocking my pre-pregnancy jeans and I couldn’t be happier. I am almost 38 weeks right now this weekend I did have to start using the hair tie trick because he’s finally settled into head down.

Week 35 (I know not technically 4 weeks but hey it was too cute and I didn’t want to make a separate post :). If you didn’t plan on using tunic tops to your advantage during the last stages of pregnancy trust me they’re great. However most of what I’m posting in todays post are dresses…. yes they are supposed to be worn as dresses, but I’m not a hoochie so I’ve always worn them with tights in the winter just as I am doing in this picture on the left. All of this I would have worn if I wasn’t pregnant. The jacket is from H&M. I dig animal prints. Normally I would layer on the bracelets but it’s so hard to do that in the winter with long-sleeves. Outfit cost me next to nothing, even the jacket was only like $25.

Week 36 here on the right. Simple outfit. Got the top for like $8.00 on, again love my animal prints and I’m sporting my red Ed Hardy heels that always stop people in their tracks wondering where I got them. I can’t give away all of my secrets! My husband loves this top because it gives him just enough view of my cleavage to keep it sexy. Unfortunately for him they still haven’t grown but I actually see that as a + in my book. Less stretching less sagging later right? 😉 A girl can dream.

Week 37 and I threw in a selfie I sent to my husband to brighten his day! This top is currently at Charlotte Russe in the DRESS section… psh ya ok! I think I will stick with it as a top even after pregnancy. I have my fake glasses on for show because my husband is obsessed with these glasses. He also likes my hair likes this so I thought I would humor him and fulfill his desires 😉 This is about all he’s getting at week 37 so he better enjoy it LOL!! I just bought a couple more dresses from Charlotte Russe because they were having a buy one get one for $12.95 sale. HOLLA. Can’t see my heels but of course they’re awesome to.

Week 38! WHAT?! Oh if you can’t tell this was second day hair then you gots to be blind My spray tan is also wearing thin gonna have to make the ol husband get me some color this weekend. Again another dress, long style tunic. These have been my saving grace. I love having the extra length for my butt is hanging out of my pants. Aint nobody wanna see an ol pregnant woman’s crack. Minimal jewelry today but I do have red stoned earrings and I had a black cardigan on all day because it’s still really cold. This is a Marvel comics top I got at Wet Seal. It’s about time I add a little super hero flavor into my wardrobe, I mean I am having a little boy.

Hope you enjoyed my post, be sure to subscribe and leave a comment. I may post some more from this week! Just remember to keep your outfits interesting and be creative. I don’t even feel pregnant when I’m rocking these outfits, I feel like ME and I’d much rather feel like myself at the most amazing time of my life!

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Staying Active During Pregnancy – Weeks 27-35

Somehow when I knew I was into the third trimester I thought, well it’s just going to get harder from here. Typically I don’t think this way because like I’ve said in my previous posts I had basically set out to prove others wrong about pregnancy. To do it for myself and my baby and no one else. Well I was wrong and I am glad that I am. I’ve had plenty of energy and my workouts are still a blast. The only thing that is really different is his position. If he is in an awkward spot it can make the workout a little more difficult but nothing I can’t push through.

Les Mills Combat workout with weights at 28 weeks pregnant


Getting Insane with some Insanity at 33 weeks pregnant! This was a GREAT workout, I had a really high heart rate and burnt some serious calories.


Getting my Turbo on with Chalene Johnson’s HIIT at 35 weeks pregnant!


I feel I shouldn’t have to repeat myself or get into this but please understand that I was doing all of these workouts before I was pregnant. My Dr. approved me to workout because I was already working out and in great shape before. I never push myself so hard that I’m exhausted. I’ve learn to balance my workouts but still get an effective calorie burn. As long as I can talk I can keep going. If I’m too tired to talk then I should stop but I don’t get that far 😉

Thanks for stopping by! Interested in one of the above programs to jumpstart your health and fitness goals? Hit me up and contact me!

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Can You Have Style While Pregnant? Absolutely!

From the moment I saw the little plus signs on my pee stick, I knew I was going to be in for a totally different world. It didn’t take me long to put everything together… I was going to get fat!!! Okay, okay, that isn’t the best word to use, because we all know creating a little miracle inside the human body should not be associated with the word “fat”. However I was definitely going to gain weight and sport a nice, round belllay!! It should be no surprise at this point (if you’ve been reading my blog) that I went into pregnancy with the goal of staying in shape and gaining only weight that would deem my pregnancy healthy. This means that I didn’t plan on gaining a lot of weight.

I can’t be sure, but I may have had nightmares about mumus and maternity clothing. However, after some research I saw that there are some super cute maternity outfits. My only problem with the whole concept was that I would have maternity clothes that I may or may not ever wear again. 
So I started to plot my strategy. If I could get by with wearing current fashions in a size larger then maybe I could avoid it? I will detail below:
  • Loose, flowy tops have been all the rage lately and once I got my bump I started going up a size. Even now, at 35 weeks, most of those tops still fit and I didn’t have to go the maternity route. 
  • I also have kept wearing my small and extra small cardigans, sweaters, vests, and business jackets over top of the flowy tops so that it brings me in on the sides a little bit. 
  • I’ve carried high for my entire pregnancy and because of my shape I’ve always worn my jeans really low. So yes, (I know you hate me right now) I am still wearing my size 3s during pregnancy. Just in the last week I’ve had to use the hair tie trick on a couple pairs, but most of them still button and fit comfortably. I do unbutton them if I will be sitting for a long time. This can’t possibly last much longer because he should be dropping soon but I will just find an alternative at this point… I mean it’s winter which brings me to my next bullet.
  • Leggings!! The best part about being pregnant in the winter is that you can wear leggings/tights and boots and come up with so many outfits in varying colors. My dress pants quit fitting a long time ago probably long about 22-23 weeks, so leggings have become my dressy outfits at work. I’ve also been fortunate to have a boss who understands and lets me wear jeans if I’m not meeting with anyone that day (saving me a ton of money… who wants to buy maternity dress pants??)
  • I also had a closet full of longer, tunic tops that have really served me well. I don’t care if my tops are tight at this point! I’m rocking my first child in this tight little top paired with leggings. I’ve come up with some very stylish ways to show off my bump using these long tops. 
  • Another essential to most of my outfits throughout this pregnancy has been long camis! You know you have some! We use them to cover our butt cracks when we wear low rise jeans, we use them to extend the look of a shorter top, we wear them with our leggings so that are ass has something to hide behind. Well ladies use them to your advantage during pregnancy because the likelihood you will use them again is very high.
  • Heels aren’t something that most women are going to wear during pregnancy but my Dr. insisted that because I wore them so much before I was pregnant (as long as I was comfortable) I should continue to do so during pregnancy. Basically, whatever you’re used to, don’t change it now. I still wear my heels because I’ve not had any swelling and I’m more comfortable in them than anything else. 
I haven’t taken pictures of a lot of my outfits during pregnancy because I didn’t think about it! I will try and do better so you have an idea of what I am wearing in  my last few weeks and maybe you will be inspired? But then again, maybe you wont! 
I literally didn’t even feel pregnant in the outfit to the left. I got the white jacket at Kohls for $8.00, the white top underneath is a medium and I got it at Target on sale, and (look closely) there’s a long white cami underneath. Jeans I got at Gordmans over the summer and I have red heels on. My necklace is fake Chanel with fake pearls. This was taken at 31 weeks pregnant.

HAPPY NEW YEARS (33 weeks pregnant)! Enter my outfit for New Years Eve with my husband. Over the summer I almost sold this little gem of a sweater dress, thankfully I didn’t because it was perfect for a night out. I’ve had it for years. Wore my hair up or it would have gotten knotted in the turtleneck which my husband liked because I always wear it down. I had on HUGE earrings that were really sparkly and they matched the big sparkly belt I had on. If you’ve ventured to my fashion page you will see I wear belts a lot! I also had on thigh highs with my tall black boots over the top of a thinner black tight. I felt amazing in this. 

The outfit on the left was thrown together for pure comfort at 33 weeks pregnant, I’ve probably worn this 2-3 times since this picture haha. The top is a medium I picked up at Kohls, long black cami, black tights, Gordmans boots, black boot socks, and looky there another BELT!You can’t see my earrings dammit but they match the boots and belt and are super cute. I threw a black long cardigan over this when I left because I was picking up my new car that day and it was something like -20?? We got a snowstorm this weekend so I needed the extra layer. 

MORAL OF THE STORY….Don’t settle on maternity clothing, if you are fortunate enough to avoid them, just think out of the box and get creative! It will make you feel better and save you a lot of money. If you’re excited about getting some maternity clothes then by all means girl, GO BUY SOME :).

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Not Your Typical Maternity Photos

Eventually you will come to realize through my blog that my entire life I’ve specifically tried to be unlike anyone else. Typically I do not follow social norms to a T, I purposely try and stand out because I value forging my own path in life and not skipping down the nice paved one that others have ventured down before me. Hence why I have always told myself I would never do maternity photos. I always looked at them and just thought, I don’t want anyone to see my stretched out belly, I don’t want to do the same photos everyone else does! I WON’T do it….

Well at 20 weeks pregnant I got the itch and decided if I was going to have my photos taken they would have a different look and feel to them. I wanted classy and fashionable, something that didn’t scream baby this, baby that. I did what I said I wouldn’t do and I am so happy that I did!

After weeks of scouring Pinterest and creating a vision for what kind of photos I wanted, my husband and I braved the cold and ventured out to a very special location to take photos. Below is what we came away with and I have to say I am more than pleased with the results. Please visit my Pinterest page to view more from the session with Jenelle Collins of Photography by Jenelle

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Pregnancy Progress- Weeks 27-32

Well, time flies when you’re having fun and then you get hit with all the holidays! Whew I’m not really sure where the last few weeks went but they have flown by. By 24 weeks I had really blossomed, somebody was growing! I don’t know what came over me but during the fall I had decided that I would redo our kitchen. So in early December I started that process. I completely repainted our cabinets white. I was fully in the nesting mode. In November I had redone my bathroom. Why wasn’t I working on the babies room you ask?? Well let me get to that crazy saga later on another post. If you come across this post early on in my blogging career. I probably won’t have my Pinterest projects posted yet but eventually I will have a direct link to them.

I was knee deep in a very cluttered house and drowning in paint, low or no VOC of course! The holidays came and went. My birthday came and went. It was now 2014 and I was just a few weeks away from my due date!
I was 32 weeks on January 4 and I felt amazing. Not only had I still not gained much weight but I was still working out very regularly and not feeling a whole lot different. I also bought a new car, a small SUV. My husband jokes it could fit in his pocket (he doesn’t like it, but I don’t care what he thinks lol). I call it my little bat mobile because that is what it looks like and my son needs to ride in style HELLO! So this catches me up. My next post will be at 36 weeks and we will be on the final stretch.
I always welcome you to email me about my progress or ask any questions about workouts. I tracked every workout I’ve done for the length of my pregnancy. I owe so much to staying in shape to Beachbody’s programs.

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Pregnancy Progress- 2nd Trimester

Once we hit the 12 week mark and we were able to share the great news with everyone life seemed to sort of speed up. My cheerleading squad was cheering in full force in August and we had so many things to think about and plan for! By 17 weeks I still didn’t feel pregnant, didn’t look pregnant but my belly button was really squishy and I was going absolutely CRAZY with sour candy. At first it was Sour Patch Kids watermelon flavor and from there it just exploded. My main love after that first round with Sour Patch was Sour Punch Straws and Bites, of course watermelon flavored, sweet tarts, and neon gummy worms. I also went through a stage where I didn’t have much of an appetite, like I couldn’t really get myself to eat anything. My mind was blown when I first felt him kick. Everyone had told me it will be like a gentle little flutter. OH NO, not this guy. I got 3 swift and very definitive kicks. Confused I called a friend of mine and was like, “theres no way that was just gas right?” Being that I’m not an ooey gooey mom type I really didn’t expect to feel this way from 3 little kicks. Well, let me be the first to say I found a whole new love and appreciation for the miracle that God allows women to help him with.

First trimester I had no weight gain, GREAT!!! AMEN.

My husband and I took a vacation about a week later and what to our wondering eyes would appear but a bump!!! He literally came in overnight I swear. Like suddenly he had decided to pack his bags and make a home out my belly.

We spent some time at Lake of the Ozarks, went canoeing, and hiked HaHa Tonka State Park. I felt wonderful!

Fast forward to 20 weeks, we found out our baby JuneBug was going to be a boy! This was something that I had really hoped for. After first saying I never really wanted children, my next hope was that if I did it would be a boy! Sooooo we tried for a boy! You know those old wives tales about how you can predict the sex of your baby? Well I don’t know if any of them actually work or not but we tried them and we got a boy. Never in my life did I imagine myself in the tiny, little, dark sonography room sobbing, but there I was all tipped back in the chair looking at my tiny little babies man parts! He looked so happy and content just sucking away on his thumb, it was beautiful. I was overcome with love and most of all blessed that we had a healthy little baby boy. My husband wasn’t nearly as partial he would have been happy with a little boy or a little girl. He may not have been quite as happy once he realized what his wife would spend on a little girl, so I am certain his bank account is thanking him for giving me a little boy 😉 . Can we say sparkles, tutus, and the cutest outfits imaginable! I would have been a spending fool with a little girl.

By the end of the second trimester I was really please with my progress on weight gain. During the first trimester I hadn’t gained a pound. The second trimester gave me 3 lbs which I felt was wonderful. I was doing my best to eat right and kept exercising.

Everyone kept (and keeps) telling me to “just wait” on pretty much every experience during pregnancy. Well second trimester I was never ravenous or extra hungry. I was still eating meals like I normally would. Maybe a couple extra cheat meals here and there but nothing out of the ordinary.

At 24 weeks I still didn’t feel like I was actually sporting a real bump. I still felt like I had a bloated belly or a beer gut haha. It really took me awhile to get used to my body. For years I’ve had a flat stomach with a 6-pack so while most women would smile and be excited about a bump I was being challenged with this beautiful little bump. I loved feeling my little JuneBug squirming and playing inside me but it really was pretty tough on me. I think back to some of those moments now and it makes me laugh. But hey I’m being honest with you all here!

The sour cravings didn’t last too long, thank goodness. My baby didn’t need all that sugar. Another thing I started to notice was his activity after I would drink my Shakeology at night. He really seemed to enjoy it…. either that or he hates it but HEY, I’m going with him loving it.

2 trimesters in the bag, 1 to go!

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Staying Active During Pregnancy- 1st and 2nd Trimester

I knew whenever I found out I was pregnant, stopping my workouts was just simply not going to be an option.
So, after getting an all clear from my Dr. I continued on with my workouts throughout pregnancy. At the end of July/Beginning of August I started T25, an 8 week program created by Sean T, the same fitness instructor who was the brainchild behind Insanity. I can’t recall the exact start date without consulting my workout journal but I know it was around then. The workouts are similar to Insanity but less stressful on the joints and ONLY 25 minutes.

By September 16, 2013 I had completed the program, here are my before and after photos. I was 17 weeks pregnant in September, not bad ehh? I would like to give credit for those abs to no one OTHER than myself. I worked very hard. I will also say that I kept at lifting weights and using some other Beachbody programs to mix it up a little and add on to my workouts to make them longer. Some days, 25 minutes is just not long enough.

Here is a You Tube Clip of Beachbody’s Les Mills Pump workout, one of the squat tracks. 

After finishing the first round of T25 I wanted to start it over, so I did. This time, however, I didn’t do the program as faithfully because I started getting bored and wanted more variety in my workouts. I stayed with the fight! And unfortunately 17 weeks was the last time I saw those beloved abs of mine 🙂 


By the end of my 2nd Trimester I will be honest and say that some moves were getting harder just because I couldn’t move like I used to be able to. Engaging your core becomes quite difficult when you have a tiny human inside you! For years I had taught myself to engage and use my core in everything I did throughout the day. I had to sort of re-learn how to use my body, a very strange feeling. Here is a workout from week 26, the last week of the 2nd trimester.


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